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Mood Swings

January 21, 2010


In a time where conventional retail practice is coming under fire for being inefficient, costly and outdated, one store in Moscow has taken its interior design and turned it into a visual spectacle all of its own.

Designed in a collaborative effort between Swedish agency Boys Don’t Cry and Cyril Duval, a French artist, the interior is split into four separate spaces which each represent a part of a woman’s daily mood cycle.

Labelled ‘Avant-garde’, ‘Classic’, ‘Minimalistic’ and ‘Funny Girls’, each space contributes to a free-flowing, narrative experience that entices visitors with a truly original concept. However, it is not just the decor that attracts shoppers – Mood Swings stocks items by the likes of LIMI Feu, Bernhard Wilhelm and Minä Perhonen.

In order to fight against dwindling retail figures, innovation and conceptual thinking such as this will ensure that consumers keep returning. People’s perception of what is worth paying for has shifted away from simple material goods to intangible experiences; buying a CD is perhaps not worth it, but tickets to a festival are.

Retail spaces such as Mood Swings help to blur the boundaries between retail and entertainment, ensuring that customers return to partake in the store’s theatrical and original experience.