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October 22, 2009


In terms of influence, there have been numerous news stories crediting Twitter for generating strong buzz that is often reflected at the box office. We could debate all day if Twitter has any real sway at the box office. What is important to fans and advertisers alike however, is monitoring Twitter’s sample of real time moviegoers. The opinions they spread on Twitter could be seen as an accurate representation of the word of mouth spread in the real world – albeit a highly compact one.


The new website Twitcritics would be worth keeping an eye on if you are a member of this twitterati. The website structure is similar to that of Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, but rather than compiling reviews from film critics. TwitCritics brings you real-time movie reviews and ratings directly from the Twiterverse (in their own words). Essentially, the site compiles a list of tweets by title, then tries to determine whether a tweet is positive or negative based on keywords used within the tweet. The idea is sounds great on paper, but the website is still in its beta stage and needs a few creases ironed out.

I think there is clearly value in a website like Twitcritic. People have always needed to study and contextualise real-time buzz and hearsay. As the program gets more complex, we were see how much value there really is in