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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

April 22, 2010

capcom logo

After a decade of anticipation, yesterday Capcom officially announced the third installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise. It will the first in the series to use three-dimensional graphics; similar to that of Street Fighter IV.

With Super Street Fighter IV due later this month, it appears we may be heading back to the good old days when an annual Capcom beat ’em up left egos bruised, fingers sore and friendships broken.


The MvC team will be using Capcom’s MT Framework engine. The same engine seen in Resident Evil 5 and the eagerly anticipated Lost Planet 2. Although this teaser suggests a cel-shaded, comic book aesthetic.

Expect Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on shelves Spring 2011.

Here’s the teaser:

Interview with producer Ryouta Niizuma.

Video courtesy of Gamespot