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Norman Rockwell – Original King of the Photoshop

October 27, 2009

Over at Gizmodo, Wilson Rothman has a fascinating article on a new book of photography, highlighting the creative process of Norman Rockwell, edited and compiled by Ron Schtick. Rothman was a sublime artist with the uncanny ability to reimagine countless images with his kitsch signature style


Wilson calls Rockwell “the original king of Photoshop,” despite the fact that Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers were being gawped at long before Adobe (or indeed any image software) had been conceived. Heres a little snippet,

The book is not about painting. Rockwell’s oil-on-canvas work feels like an afterthought for Schick, who mostly documents Rockwell’s photography and art direction. Throughout the book, you see a painting, then you see the photographs he took to make that painting. In most cases, many shots comprise the different elements, and are joined together only in paint. It’s almost sad: Vivid interactions between people, remembered jointly in the country’s collective consciousness, may never have taken place. Even people facing each other at point blank range were photographed separately, and might never have even met.

Here’s the link for the book, other suppliers are available.

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