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Giggs – UKHH Saviour?

September 21, 2009

Am I the only one that doesn’t ‘get’ Giggs? When I hear that cold, lobotomised delivery and those simple word association metaphors (Take off your whole head-top…Hannibal Lector) I can’t help but cringe.

And yet, people are going crazy for this guy – he’s been on Hell’s Kitchen, Collabo’d with The Streets and is frequently the subject of keen discussion on forums. What is it that I’m missing here?

Giggs (real name Nathan Thompson) is a rapper from South Peckham, London, and a member of rap collective SN1 (which, before you ask stands for Spare No 1 and is not a Swindon postcode as I previously thought!) He has released a handful of mixtapes and albums, the most notable of which, Walk In The Park, received a BET award last year.

In mid 2008, his single ‘Talking the Hardest’ was released to much aplomb and arguably Giggs’ breakthrough tune, although its success was in no small part due to being built around a little-known Dr. Dre beat originally made for Stat Quo.

Since then, his standing in the UK rap scene has gone from strength to strength. His violently indulgent alphabet rhymes seem to bypass any hint of ‘Frank Bruno’ parody and instead strike a chord with many young Grime and Rap fans.

Despite an outwardly shy demeanour, Giggs’ Wikipedia entry states that in 2003 he was sentenced to 2 years in prison for gun charges. So perhaps his appeal is wrapped up in being authentic and real – living what he speaks. Which is fair enough.

The point here is not to protest about Giggs’ ultra-blunt gun and drug-dealing bars, or question his authenticity. But, the fact is with the lack of any vocal urgency, call to action, musicality or insight into that street lifestyle, how are you meant to enjoy his music?