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Gza – Wu-Tang Revealed Trailer

August 18, 2010

Trailer for the new ‘Wu Tang Revealed’ documentary, made by the GZA, showcasing what life is really like on the road with the Clan. Should be a sick film!


Fresh Wu Tang Vs Dekline Shoes

September 25, 2009

A number of years ago, an MTV Cribs episode featuring Wu-Tang at their LA hideaway revealed a serious dilemma. As Raekwon explained:

“In LA the climate is always off the hook out here. So you ain’t really got time to get fly, ‘coz by the time you get fly – it’s too hot!”

Indeed hiphop wear (denim, leathers, sweatshirts, bling, hi-tops etc) and hot weather do not mix. Thank God then, for this belated collaboration between the Staten Island crew and skate company Dekline.

This deck shoe combines lightweight PVC uppers and rubber sole with iconic Wu-Tang yellow & black branding. It’s a fashion Triumph! C.R.E.A.M. of the crop! Sure to grip the Gravel Pit!” (You see where I’m going with this?)

Available here


Rza & Raekwon (Wu Tang) @ Matter 3rd October

September 14, 2009

Say No More. Expect rugged beats rhymes and a sh*tload of crazy wiggas!

From Matter’s website:

Two of the key members of arguably the most influential hip-hop collectives of all time join forces once more at matter in October to present the Tao of Wu UK Tour, in support of the release of RZA’s new book – the follow-up to 2005’s Wu-Tang Manual, which details RZA’s own personal journey to enlightenment by utilizing hip-hop lyrics, autobiographical anecdotes and parables, explaining how one of the rap’s most important producers was simultaneously inspired by Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Bruce Lee, and Islam.

He’s joined onstage by Raekwon – aka The Chef, who returns to matter following the release of his new album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, which has been widely acclaimed as one of the best solo albums yet made by a Wu Tang member. Having previously performed live at matter’s hip hop all-nighter in May, he makes a greatly anticipated return to the venue for another hip hop showcase. DJ support for this very special live show will be provided by DJ Semtex.