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Unsung Heroes of The Hop.

November 26, 2009

Today we present, Mr Craig Mack.


When you think of Craig Mack, the first song that comes to mind is the Flavour in Your Ear Remix, the first image that comes to your mind is probably a smug git tapping some bottles. Somewhere in between that track and that person is the reason why Mack is not held with the reverence as his chubby Bad Boy counterpart. Mack picked on scraps, while the Big bandwagon sparred with the rival coast- it’s orchestrator always close at hand.


Many forget that it was Craig Mack who cemented Big Boy Records as a genuine threat to the airwaves. His debut LP, Project Funk Da World possessed all the trimmings of a bonafide boom bap classic. It had character, fine production and an emcee more than capable. Perhaps it’s biggest downfall was that remix which featured two players who were keen to stamp their mark on an industry dominated by a synth-laden west coast. Biggie’s ambivalent flow set the bench mark, and Busta erratic prose stole the show (remember crazy Busta?).

get down

Both emcee’s are undoubtedly legends of hip hop now, but they lacked the ease with which Mack dropped bars. When he was good, it was effortless; a throwback to the days of call and response and high-top’s (bring it back Temps). This isn’t meant as disrespect to Biggie and Busta. They more than deserve the acclaim, but I would argue that Mack has waited long enough for a bit of recognition; at least a chapter on the revival of east coast hip-hop.

Ladies and Gents, Unsung Hero of the Hop:

Mr Craig Mack.

Get Down
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