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Rinse – 28.02.2010 – DJ Karnage & JJ feat. Opium, OG’z & Drifter

March 1, 2010

As you may have gathered by now, Opium is a close mate and client of ours. On Sunday he appeared on Rinse, for one of what will undoubtedly be a multiude of radio appearances this year.

Download the set here.


Ghetts Vs Ghetto (P Money vs Ghetts)

February 13, 2010


If you haven’t heard P Money and Ghetts going at each other over the past couple weeks, then you are very late, and frankly, missing out on some of the most exciting dubs to have been recorded in a while. Check Grime Daily or Grime Forum for the videos. I’ve no time for updates!

However, Today brings a very interesting development. Ghetts has released ‘Ghetto vs Ghetts’ – a 6 minute self-cuss marathon that has got the twittersphere hyping. Whilst I’m sure the P Money vs Ghetts outcome is far from decided yet, this latest development will surely make it very hard for P to retaliate.

See, Ghetts has done exactly what Eminem’s ‘Bunny Rabbit’ character did in the final round of the 8 Mile battle finale. In order to silence his opponent, Ghetts has effectively listed all the diss lines he’s accumulated throughout his career, leaving P little, if nothing to work with in round 2.

Those gold teeth, his inability to step out of Kano’s shadow, his seemingly sugar-induced hype levels – it’s all there, laid bare…

P’s gonna have to get his thinking cap on…


3 Days To Go – Royal T 1UP Giveaway

December 25, 2009

Royal T is, without doubt, one of the brightest Grime talents to emerge this year. His fast-paced productions contain a ferocious energy that brings the best out of MC’s and DJ’s alike. The 28th of December sees the digital release of his debut, the ‘1UP’ EP on No Hats No Hoods, and to celebrate, the Southampton producer is over the next 3 days uploading a handful of exclusives.

These exclusives are just that and cannot be found anywhere else!

And so, without further a do, today Royal T presents:

P-Money – Hot Ones (Royal T Remix)

This exclusive remix features some of the hardest Royal T production to date. Beneath those OG vocals, the beat switches between breaks and 4/4 throughout, underpinned by some truly disgusting bass.