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The 24 Days of Christmas – Day 22

December 22, 2009

As we all know, Christmas is fast approaching and as we all also know, many of you will be struggling to think of interesting gift ideas for your nearest and dearest. ‘What shall we buy to show our love?!’ we hear you cry. Well, fear not, for we at the Fold know that sometimes, thinking beyond the usual DVD boxsets/smellies/Xbox games can be a little difficult, and so over the course of December we endeavour to bring you a new gift idea each day on the run-up to Christmas, totalling 24, and with each one we shall also bring you an accompanying song that somehow represents the gift in some way. ‘Gift ideas and related entertainment?!’ we hear you now crying! ‘How on Earth do they manage it?!’

Day #22 – Lomo Fisheye Camera

An iconic camera. So much has been written about its impact on photography, that to sum it up here would be an exercise in futility. Therefore, those interested can read all about the cheeky bulbous chappy here.

The model above is available from Gadgethub, although you can find various models all over the internet. I saw a rather fetching wooden-panelled one, but it was sold out. For shame.

To play us out, we have Xzibit with, you guessed it, Paparazzi. Lady Gaga can go catch a hot one.