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TBC Brass Band – New Orleans

September 26, 2010

I have just come back from an epic holiday in New Orleans. Famed for it’s food, drink and music (it is of course the origin of Jazz), N’awlins is a feast for the senses. Here, I leave you with a video of a local brass band called TBC playing on the infamous Bourbon Street, which my partner and I saw a few times. The intensity of their performance could never be captured in a video, but watch nevertheless. A truly awe-inspiring spectacle.



John Coltrane x Supreme Collection

October 20, 2009


John Coltrane is jazz personified. His saxophone redefined what music should and could be, evolving his sound over the decades to reflect the mood and energy of a particular session. A natural improv, who moved with the times changing his sound to suit the scene – and sometimes counterbalancing it. From the Parker days, to the Sextet and that album through to My Favourite Things – Coltrane legacy will never be forgotten as long as creative expression is still held with reverence.

For the coming season New York clothing line Supreme, along with the John Coltrane Foundation is proud to present a selection of tees honouring the great man.

The range with be available in-store and webstore from October 22nd.