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Southampton Boat Show Pt. 2 – Pics

September 29, 2009

Pretty self explanatory really. Enjoy.

Look! A Chuckle Brother!

Same Time Next Year Soton!


Southampton Boat Show Pics – Part 1

September 22, 2009

So, the annual Southampton Boat Show extravaganza just finished. Again it was chockablock with spangly Sunseekers and Princess Yachts and again I found myself very bored. Boats just aren’t my thing. Maybe it’s just me but aren’t boat/aeroplane/car shows supposed to have demonstrations? Something to spectate?

Anyway I digress. Here are a few of my snaps, taken on the opening day. Some of the boats, particularly the speedboats, were very impressive. Part two to come later in the week:

How this thing stays afloat is beyond me.

Soooo many boat shoes. I was nearly seasick at all the posh ‘fashion’

This was my highlight. Straight badboy. Capable of being modified for the navy, and speeds of (if I remember correctly) over 80 knots (90 MPH!)

Hollowman was there too. The scamp.