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Charlie Brooker – Gameswipe, BBC4, Tues 29th September @ 10PM

September 29, 2009

From Charlie’s twitter:

charltonbrooker Gameswipe tonight! BBC4! 10pm! Partly aimed at ppl who don’t give a shit about games. Post-watershed games coverage = rare as tartan clouds.

Charlie Of Brooker

Charlie Of Brooker

Charlie, our national treasure, is back on our screens! Hopefully he’s as ascerbic, arrogant and angry as he was on Screenwipe as I can’t cope with another ‘You Have Been Watching’ scenario. I’m sorry Charlie, I’m your biggest fan but that show was terrible. You spluttering over canned laughter was never a good idea, and they should kill the person that thought otherwise!

Plus I saw him in reveal magazine (or some such other rag) talking about x-factor.

Fingers crossed though, this will be Brooker back to his best!

BBC4 10pm


Acceptable In The Eighties

September 25, 2009

Retro heads listen up.

mega mega

Blaze have announced that they will be introducing a 2 player console that incorporates the old MegaDrive games. The console will have 15 classic titles built into the system, but unlike the cheap tat found in supplement magazines; it will be backwards compatible with most old MegaDrive cartridges on any region.

The fifteen titles are as follows:

• Golden Axe
• Alex Kidd
• Altered Beast
• Columns
• CrackDown
• Fatal Labyrinth
• Sonic & Knuckles
• Decap Attack
• Eswat
• Arrow Flash
• Flicky
• Gain Ground
• Bonanza Bros
• Alien Storm

The console is available…..right now at a reasonable sum of £39.99.

Interested? Click Here for more information.



September 17, 2009

I’ve always loved the graft that comes with stop-frame animation. If you think there are 1440 individual shots in a one minute movie, then I hope you can appreciate the amount of tender, love and care that goes into this tireless artform. Sure, you could use any number of 3d rendering programs these days to come out with a clean, polished article in less time than it took you to set up camera. The question I put to you dear reader, is do any of them have that soul, that hand-crafted touch that embodies these little beauties? No sir, they do bloody not – and for that we salute you!

Here are three varying stop frame animations for the fold readers. The first is an homage to the 8-bit Nes games that lost many a child, many a day. The second video is by Patrick Boivin, a canadian filmmaker and comic book artist, known for his outlandish themes and unusual matchings. Finally, we have beautiful piece by Ljudbilden, heavily inspired by the works of Don Hertzfeldt, the accompanying music (which im sure you might recognise from the old carphone warehouse adverts) works well with the eclectic visuals.

Anyways enough jibber, click away.