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Threefold Media Update – February 2010

February 4, 2010

Already we are two months into a promising 2010. Where does the time go? Is time perception something that changes during puberty because time couldn’t pass quickly enough back then! Now weeks flash past in the blink of an eyelid and I feel like a perpetually startled deer. Oh dear.

Anyway, I would like to apologise on behalf of the team for the lack of updates over the past month. Before we broke up for Christmas, Threefold Media sat down over a few cold ones and thrashed out the action plan for the New Year. Therefore, when we reconvened – fat and full of Quality Street – we diverted most of our energy and attention into kick starting our business plans off.

And I am happy to say, so far so good!

2010, I can safely say, is going to be a big year for us. From humble beginnings as a shared ‘concept’ between three friends to a sharp, professional creative agency, Threefold Media is growing stronger everyday – making contacts and steering projects in the process.

We continue to make moves in the Grime scene, a genre we are all huge fans of, and have a number of new media projects that we hope to start later in the year. Working with Dirtee Stank, Tim & Barry, Logan Sama, Butterz, No Hats No Hoods, MSM Studios and various MC’s, producers and DJ’s, we feel confident that we, and indeed Grime, will achieve new successes this year and that our shared cultural and financial capital will grow stronger.

To achieve this we will be stepping away from traditional Grime representations and stereotypes and promoting something fresh and original, that is still true to Grime’s roots, artists and fans. No more alleyways or paint splatters please! As a genre that’s often at the mercy of advertising companies and brands looking for a cheap way to ‘buy’ sub-cultural cool, we hope to demonstrate that Grime is a forward-thinking, innovative movement that deserves dignity and above all respect.

In fashion, another passion of ours, we have a number of projects and collaborations coming up, working specifically with young, fresh and talented designers and labels from both Southampton and London. In collaboration with Mpdclick Managing Editor Sarah Leigh, we are helping host a trend-setting fashion-themed event in March that will be the first of its kind in Southampton and promises to be a great success, building on the city’s growing reputation as a burgeoning cultural centre. More details on that soon!

The popularity of our interview with Logan Sama, as well as the growing demand for the visual medium, has led us to the conclusion that video is the way forward. Therefore we will be investing in video equipment this year – not only will this add further depth to our repertoire, but it will allow us to develop other avenues of creativity.

Having spent the past couple of years photographing and documenting our city, and working with a multitude of local council bodies, event staff and media outlets, I now have enough material to build my own exhibition. Scheduled for the latter half of the year, the exhibition will be called ‘Capturing Southampton’ and will feature Southampton citizens from all walks of life in their magnificent glory! As a passionate photojournalist, this is one project I am especially looking forward to!

As well as all this, we continue to photograph, design, write and publish work for clients looking for a new creative direction. We are releasing a PDF soon, profiling examples of our best work. If you would like a copy or simply talk further about our projects, message me on twitter (@threefoldmedia) or email me at Kristian at threefoldmedia dot co dot uk.

Here’s to a prosperous new year!


Kristian on behalf of Threefold Media

David LaChapelle – Cars & Money Exhibition

December 8, 2009

Recently opened at Wolfgang Roth and Partners Fine Art in Miami is “Cars and Money: new works by David LaChapelle”. A showing of two significant new collections from one of the world’s most recognisable fashion and fine art photographers in which he examines the concepts of money, status and luxury he has been so instrumental in building.




Can’t say it’s definitely a must see – the so-called ‘meaning’ behind each piece seems a little contrived and obvious. The image above of the banknote is meant to depict the negative impact of money on our society… so what has LaChapelle done? Taken an image of money and, wait for it… overlaid a NEGATIVE image of a banknote over the top. Inspired, I think you’ll agree. The car images are supposed to make the viewer re-think their concept of luxury within the 21st Century, but I fail to see how collaged images of car parts is supposed to do that.

Lest we forget that LaChapelle has worked for some of the world’s biggest designer brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal and Diesel, as well as editorial photoshoots for the likes of GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair. As a clear exponent of consumer-led designer lifestyles, who is he to dictate to us the apparent evils of high-end capitalism and consumerism? It’s fairly obvious that he has himself reaped the monetary benefits of such lifestyles, so is it not very hypocritical to then preach through the medium of ‘fine art’ that it’s all bad, even in the name of satire?


Even LaChapelle’s books are outrageously expensive – his 2006 volume ‘Artists & Prostitutes’ is still retailing on Amazon for over $3,000.

Looking at works such as this and that of other en-vogue artists such as Hirst begs the question – why does art these days have to come with some sub-text/comment about the world in which we live? Do classic paintings such as the Mona Lisa or Waterlilies come with some footnote about how they represent the systematic cultural raping of the working class or the slow appropriation of foreign cultural values by large corporations in a cynical attempt to make money, or are they, as I suspect, classic works made by talented people in an attempt to simply capture beauty?

The exhibition is open now at the Wolfgang Roth and Partners Fine Art gallery until February 13th 2010 – images and opening paragraph courtesy of SLAMXHYPE.


Siggraph Asia 2009

November 30, 2009


On 16-19 December Yokohama, Japan plays host to Siggraph Asia 2009, the 2nd ACM Siggraph conference and exhibition in Asia. Regarded as one of the most important education platforms for graphic design and art in Asia, Siggraph Asia 2009 is expected to attract over 8,000 industry professionals, creating a hub in which a wealth of ideas on technology, art, culture and science are conceived.

Some of the main attractions include an art gallery displaying various works from digital art to photo-manipulation, a computer animation festival that features cutting-edge digital visuals and guest speakers such as David Kirk, a former Chief Scientist at NVIDIA, and Joe Rohde, Senior Vice President at Walt Disney Imagineering.

As well as this, the Emerging Technologies exhibition shows how breakthroughs in art and technology can be utilised alongside computer graphics and interactivity to deliver visual products to tomorrow’s consumer, while the Networked Dome Theatre is a demonstration of very-high-resolution images in a nine-metre dome by the Graduate School of Media Design at Keio University. The demo features spherical images of a solar eclipse and other celestial imagery streamed over a 10-gigabit network from Osaka.

The idea behind the Siggraph Conference & Exhibition is to stimulate the intellect and creativity of the attendees through art, computer animation, courses and lectures from industry luminaries. The conference also acts as a recruitment centre, providing an open forum for jobseekers to meet with potential employers.

Full details of the conference and exhibition can be found on the Siggraph website.


D&G Concept Store Unveiled in Milan

September 15, 2009


Fashion luminaries Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana have opened a new concept D&G store in Milan. The idea behind the new store is a ’boutique within a boutique’, allowing art exhibitions and exclusive previews of upcoming collections to be present among the wares on sale. Situated on the site of the company’s flagship, the renovation cost around $5.8million.


The store was conceptualised in conjunction with BAM Design Studio, and every single element within the 6,523 sq ft space has been pored over in meticulous detail. Warm neutrals and polished metals form the main decor style, featuring small display tables and modular cubes. A ‘cage’ forms the central focus of the room, consisting of squared vertical poles and a line of TV screens on one side. It is here that the exhibitions will take place; anything from an art installation to promoting a new bikini, according to Gabbana.

Given that D&G is a hugely famous international label, worn by the likes of Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and Madonna, it’s fairly certain that this new store will be a massive hit, and may even pave the way for a re-think of conventional retail spaces in the future.