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The Renaissance of Colours

February 5, 2010


Born in Milan in 1976, Alberto Seveso is one of a rare breed of illustrators for whom classic drawing is impossible. Learning his craft solely in a digital format, Seveso describes his freehand drawing abilities as ‘ultra poor’, and yet he is responsible for some of the most intricate and elaborate artworks of recent years.

Seveso’s oeuvre involves a mixed-media approach to art, utilising black & white photography and vector art together to form beautifully vibrant and dynamic works. He began around 15 years ago with an Amiga 1200 and a copy of Deluxe Paint, until a friend introduced him to a PC and the virtues of Adobe Photoshop; he has never looked back.

His style embodies a subtle sexual reference; indeed, his individual style has been referred to as ‘sperm shaping’ due to the shapes of some of the vectors he uses. The way in which the photographs are stripped away to reveal energetic and multi-coloured shapes underneath shows the subject in an exposed and vulnerable light, almost likening the vector elements to muscle fibres.

Seveso has also done some exciting work with typography – his ‘Destructive TyPO’ pieces uses vintage colouring effects, similar to watercolours, alongside contemporary abstract letterforms to create a layered, almost textured piece that eschew legibility in favour of pure aesthetics.

View Seveso’s website here.