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Opium – Opium (CD RELEASE 27th September 2010)

September 7, 2010

Front Cover

Back Cover

Hailed by Wiley as a ‘don’ and held in equally high regard by many of the UK’s best urban acts (including Skepta and Tinchy) Opium is ready to step up as the UK’s next Grime star. His self-titled debut mixtape ‘Opium’ is an impassioned exploration of Grime – both lyrically and musically – and features production from Wiley, DJ Target (1xtra & Roll Deep), Chucka and Z Dot.

Released digitally on the 27th September through iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, Opium has delivered more depth and clarity with his debut than most artists can manage in a fistful of albums. Having learned his craft under the tutelage of Grime veterans Wiley and Godsgift he has steadily established his own sound and approach.

His ‘stream-of-consciousness’ lyricism breaks from the typical ego-driven MC fodder currently abundant in the scene, and is complimented on the album by consistently futuristic production.

‘My Dream’ sets the lunar tone, with mellow synths washing over Opium’s thoughtful verse. Emphatic title track ‘Opium’ is a version of the Wiley space-stomper and ‘Empire’ is the glossy lead single in which he muses over his legacy and future.

Being of Turkish descent and having lived in Munich for a number of years, Opium subtly expresses his own cultural experiences through music. The mixtape cover cleverly conceals his nations’ flag within world of his own making. As ‘My Dream’ says, it’s time to “scrap everything old and start feeling new.”

Opium ‘Opium’ is released digitally on 27th September via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Big up Threefold’s Dre for the artwork, and myself for the words. 😛


Alexis Marcou

March 11, 2010

A native of Larissa, Greece, Marcou studied Art & Design in Thessaloniki before moving to the University of Plymouth to study a BA (Hons) in Photomedia & Design Communication. Marcou’s style and inspirations stem heavily from fine art; his minimal use of colour often creates striking and tonally-balanced pieces that defy any kind of self-categorisation.

In an attempt to avoid repetition, Marcou’s methods often change dramatically with each project, meaning that his body of work as a whole could be seen as a ongoing document of his evolution and progression as an artist. His ‘Panda’ (2009) project is of particular note; the bold lines of the illustrations at once make up and yet fragment the piece, creating an angular, almost robotic representation of a giant panda as well as the impression of smashed glass, perhaps, or drafted construction lines.

The intricacy of the work is such that any number of meanings can be derived from it, which is, arguably, an underlying theme of Marcou’s oeuvre – the presence of multiple aesthetic interpretations and meanings.
As well as being an accomplished illustrator, Marcou is also well versed in typographic design; ‘Panda’ came with its own specially designed font, which sits alongside Aero and Fuel as custom fonts he has designed.

One to watch for the future…


Now We All Have Metal Skin

September 30, 2009

The world has changed and we all have become metal men. The National World Metal Men Conference is being held in New York this week to examine the consequences. We are heavy, and can no longer sleep in our beds. We sink in the ocean. Our air planes will not work. We no longer need to eat or drink.

“There is no explanation for this” says Carl East Man, leading biologist. “No one will ever know what happened or why.”

We spend our days sitting outside. It is difficult to speak in our old languages. We cannot harm ourselves. Maybe it is no longer possible to die.


Now For Something Completely Different…

September 15, 2009

Here’s some music, it’s not grime, dont freak out:

Also, because I love you, have another little story:


(click for hella big)



September 12, 2009

Welcome to UnhappyLand!

I’ve developed a mild obsession with finding old random photographs of absolutly nothing in particular.
It’s fun and not at all creepy and strange to look through forgotten family photographs and piecing together stories.

So, without further ado, lets take our first journy to UnhappyLand!

unhappyland1 (7)

I would like to add that these people just plain own the hell out of you, these guys just give no fuck!

Also, further to the mix of awesome that is old photographs, they’re fun as hell to paint over, here’s one;


Things I did today #498

September 7, 2009

He motioned to take his mask off so I figured I’d leave.

For more of this, check out my other stuff here

More to come


Pull Up, Pull Up

September 7, 2009

Here’s a couple more silhouette pieces to add to the collection. They may be Frank Miller’esque, but to that I say, tosh! The git may have made noir fashionable again, but, lest we forget! When all is said and done, at the end of the day, when push comes to shove its just failing to colour ya pictures in, Frankie.

Let’s not beat around the bush. (sorry)


The Shark, The Fish, The Chimp, The Dress and The Assassin

August 19, 2009

Heres a little sketch and a few inks i’ve been working on recently. Still haven’t had a tinker on the computer with them, but I thought people might appreciate some work rough around the edges. So much stuff these days is vectorised to buggery and subsequently, oh so bland! I’m particularly pleased about the Assassin picture at the bottom, another piece to add to the silhouette-noir theme i’ve grown ever so fond of recently. My paint ran dry so I had to use a fineliner for the blood. Some blood courtesy of Artrage should liven that one up.

Fish + Suit = High Grade Satire
Chimp + Hat = Comic Genius

Oh yeah, if you have any suggestions to the monkeys Trucker Hat slogan. The best i got so far is Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy.







The Jump Off

July 29, 2009

Its been a while since I threw a bit of art work pon blog for you philistines!

More to follow this week, pinky promise…

Been playing about with Artrage recently. Very nice piece of kit, if you like painting but don’t fancy the overalls – this is the program for you.

Jump Ink

Carrying on from with the silhouette theme, I inked a cliff scene, but found it looked very bland. Too much white, not enough depth to the piece as you can see for yourself.


The use of the oil paint on ‘Rage really added texture to the picture, while subtly highlighting the silhouette. I’m not one for sunset pictures, so I pushed the warm colours to the bottom of the picture. A colder palette to reflect the coldness of ones heart.

Business is business britches!


Gats and Screams

July 3, 2009

Here are a few more pieces to wet your beaks!

Firstly, a linework of ‘the man with no name’ that is yet to be completed. I’m at my wit’s end as to what could be in the background:

A man already turning to shoot?
A man walking off into the distance?
A man already lying dead on the floor?

So many possibilities and yet, apathy prevails again.

Carrying on from the silhouette theme, the aim of this ‘Scream’ piece was to imagine how an image would look if it was literally thrown onto the paper. I inked the sketch out, then proceeded to Pollock the little bugger until it looked a bit gritty. To finish it off I threw about anything I could find. Try to imagine the technique utilised by Jackson, but with thought. I finished it off with a few tea stains, watered down red poster paint and some highly masculine mascara.

If you have any suggestions as to what the fudge could be in that western background, the fold would love to here from you. Really we would…



ps. Jackson as in Jackson Pollock, the flinger not the singer.
pps. Before you ask, the answer is no it isn’t mine!