Sunday, Mid-March… It Can Mean Only One Thing!


As a tribute to those first ladies in all our lives, Welcome To The Fold is pleased to present what we hope will be the first of many poetic contributions to our little blog – a short and light-hearted piece by our friend Greg.

A Tribute To Mum

It’s morning, so time for breakfast in bed,
Have some toast and tea while you rest your head,
We got you a card and chocolates to show that we care,
But honestly, when it comes to the chocolates we hope that you share!
Then later in the day put your favourite film on the TV,
While me and dad try and cook dinner which ends in catastrophe!

So we end up going out for a meal,
Don’t worry about paying because we’ve got the bill,
Time to indulge yourself, what will it hurt?
Help yourself to a starter, main and dessert,
When you’ve finished and drank all the coffee from your cup,
Time to take you home so you can put your feet up!

You’re always there for us through rain, wind or shine,
Even though we can be a pain in the ass some of the time!
And when we’re feeling down, you help put us in a good mood,
Usually by feeding us with your delicious cooked food!
You keep us organised and lead like a boss,
Without you our family would be lost.
Mum…this day is all about you,
So we can say thank you for the things that you do!

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