Alexis Marcou

A native of Larissa, Greece, Marcou studied Art & Design in Thessaloniki before moving to the University of Plymouth to study a BA (Hons) in Photomedia & Design Communication. Marcou’s style and inspirations stem heavily from fine art; his minimal use of colour often creates striking and tonally-balanced pieces that defy any kind of self-categorisation.

In an attempt to avoid repetition, Marcou’s methods often change dramatically with each project, meaning that his body of work as a whole could be seen as a ongoing document of his evolution and progression as an artist. His ‘Panda’ (2009) project is of particular note; the bold lines of the illustrations at once make up and yet fragment the piece, creating an angular, almost robotic representation of a giant panda as well as the impression of smashed glass, perhaps, or drafted construction lines.

The intricacy of the work is such that any number of meanings can be derived from it, which is, arguably, an underlying theme of Marcou’s oeuvre – the presence of multiple aesthetic interpretations and meanings.
As well as being an accomplished illustrator, Marcou is also well versed in typographic design; ‘Panda’ came with its own specially designed font, which sits alongside Aero and Fuel as custom fonts he has designed.

One to watch for the future…


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