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DJ Jayceeoh Presents Super 7 Volume 3

January 28, 2010


Less than one year after volume 2, Jayceeoh is back with the the highly anticipated release of Super 7 Volume 3. The All-Star line-up this time around is made up of DJ Scene (Las Vegas), Spryte (LA), Team Canada (Grandtheft & Dr-1) (Montreal), Klutch (NYC), M.O.S. (NYC), and Risk One (Seattle). For those unfamiliar with the Super 7 series, the format is 7 DJ’s, 10 minutes per set, any genre or style, with the main criteria focusing on making a creative and action packed mix. The DJs on this series are of the highest caliber.

Download here.


1. Super 7 Intro
2. Madlib feat Guilty Simpson – Kill Em
3. JayCeeOh – Reign On Top
4. Jay-Z – I Wanna Rock
5. High Caliber – Pistol Whip (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix) (JayCeeOh Edit)
6. Kid Kaio vs Gucci Mane- We Don’t Give A (JayCeeOh Edit)
7. Jesse Rose – Well Now (Savage Skulls Remix)
8. A1 Bassline – Here Come Da (JayCeeOh Edit)
9. Caligula – The MainLine (JayCeeOh Edit)
10. Donae’o – Riot Music (JayCeeOh Edit)
( ,

TEAM CANADA (Grandtheft & Dr-1) (Montreal)

11. Intro
12. Soulwax- Krack
13. Grandtheft – The Power
14. Grandmaster Flash – White Lines (Grandtheft Remix)
15. Mr. Oizo – Cut Dick (Interlude)
16. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
17. The Units – High Pressure Days (Grandtheft Remix), booking@ehteamdjs


18. Chicago Style – Molemen (Spryte Cut Intro)
19. B-boy Bonus #1 Instrumental (Spryte Juggle) – Rasco
20. Broken Tape Decks Instrumental – LA Symphony Vs. 1,2, Pass It Acapella – D&D Allstars (Spryte Live Mix)
21. Can’t Stop The Prophet Instrumental – Jeru (Spryte Interlude)
22. It’s The Nuts Instrumental – Beatnuts Vs. Swizz Beats
23. So What Cha Sayin Instrumental – EPMD Vs. Swizz Beats
24. Family Reunion – Kid Sister ft. David Banner (L.O.T.U. Intro)
25. A Brazilian DJ Saved Me – Indeep Vs. Earth Wind & Fire (2nd Nature Edit)
26. Colours – Calvin Harris
27. Earthquake (Treasure Fingers RMX) Instrumental – Little Boots (Spryte Party Cross the Dancefloor Edit)
28. Free Control (Hood Internet Edit) – Kid sister Vs. Phonat
29. Strutel Strut – Future Sound Primitive Vs. Don’t Call Me Baby – Madison Avenue (Spryte Live Mix)
30. Underwear Funk – Will Bailey
31. Seven (The Twelves Remix) – Fever Ray Vs. Calle Ocho – Pitbull (Spryte Live Mix)
32. Not From France (Louis La Roche Remix) – Don Diablo (Spryte Fancier Footwork Edit)
( ,

RISK ONE (Seattle)

33. Risk One – Drizzy Drake Intro
34. Claire Hux – Light Skinndeded (feat David Rush)
35. Dario Nunez – Da Hasta (original mix)
36. Last Japan – Jungle Warrior (Audiofun Remix) R1 edit
37. The Partysquad – Murderer (original mix)
38. Nick Bridges – Underneath My Skin (S-Man Fire Mix) R1 edit
39. Noisettes – Sometimes I’m Heartless (Apple Juice & 6th Sense Remix)
40. Jay-z ft. Rihanna – Run This Town (Wise Guise Remix)

DJ SCENE (Las Vegas)

41. Scene intro
42. Beatnuts “You Get Props”
43. Nas “Halftime”
44. Nas “It Aint Hard To Tell” (Scene blend)
45. Marinate Scratch
46. Artifacts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Juggle)
47. Audio Two “Top Billin” (Scene blend)
48. Wu Tang “C.R.E.A.M.” (Scene blend)
49. Biggie “Hypnotized” (Scene blend)
50. Gang Starr “Check The Technique” (juggle)
51. LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out” (Scene blend)
52. Police scratch
53. 2pac “Hit Em Up” (Scene blend)
54. Method Man “METHOD MAN” (Scene blend)
55. Bass Scratch


56. DJ M.O.S. Intro / Nu Shooz – Point Of No Return
57. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud – Super Casanova
58. Eazy E. – No Questions (M.O.S. Edit)
59. The Bar-Kays – Let’s Have Some Fun
60. Phoenix – Lisztomania (Holy Ghost Remix) (M.O.S. Edit)
61. Phoenix – LIsztomania (Classixx Remix)
62. Wham – Young Guns
63. BB & Q Band – Imagination
64. Chromeo – Opening Up
65. Kraftwerk vs. M.I.A. – Robots Phone Home Interlude (M.O.S. Mix)
66. Big Daddy Kane – Nuff Respect
(, )


67. Phoenix Feat Purple Ribbon Allstars – Dj Klutch’s 1901 Kryptonite
68. Bloc Party – Banquet
69. Moxy – Step Down
70. T.I. – What You Know About Klutch
( ,

71. Jayceeoh – Go Off! feat Scratch (Of The Roots), Skratch Bastid, Shiftee, Hedspin, Dopey, Mat The Alien, Marvel, I-Dee, Spryte, Excel, and Wundrkut

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Bi Polar Reviews: Ninja Assassin

January 26, 2010


Long overdue and suffering from the recession (damn you Cyclops). I present the revitalised Bi-Polar Reviews for 2010. I say revitalised, basically part one and two will be posted together. I’ve had thousands of emails asking how to use that elusive left click. Pingbacks are our bread and butter after all. So I thought i’d save you the trouble and put one and two in a post.

If you missed how this works. Part One good, Part Two bad. Its early years as the Manic Depressive reviews didn’t catch on for some reason.

This week we have Ninja Assassin. Here is Part One.


Ninja Assassin is the latest offering from James McTeigue. You know, the man who directed V for Vendetta. Still nothing? I only say this because in the advertising spots he has become the creator of The Matrix trilogy. They said that for V for Vendetta and they are pitching it again with Ninja Assassin. Marketing this as a film by the creators of the Matrix trilogy implies the Wachowski’s are in control of said project. Quick question, what is more appealing:

The man who directed V for Vendetta?
The duo who directed the Matrix and inexorably fudged the next two?


Ergo, they sucked. So why taint a promising sequence director with a good eye for the fantabulous?

So, plot…we’ll get to that in the second half. Let focus on where Ninja Assassin excels, those fight sequences. If you were going to be honest with yourself, you didn’t pay to see a film titled Ninja Assassin for its eloquence. A blade in the gizzards, put simply, says more than words ever could.


Put a knife on a chain in any movie and I think you’ll find an audience. Add some throwing stars into the mix and you got yourself Citizen Kane minus a sledge. This is an unashamed B movie, looking at it from any other angle will leave you squirming for its 99 minutes. Watching the film with this in mind and I promise, you will have an enjoyable time. Killing is this films business, and business is certainly thriving. If you think of blood as its plot, this is the War and Peace we have been waiting for. All in all, you should have a bloody good time (sorry).

Ninja Gaiden The Movie, the film you have all been waiting for.

“Looks like another empty room”
Bam, ninja!


Part Two

So there’s these assassinations occurring but nobody knows whose doing it. This one Interpol agent gets the idea that it might be ninja’s. But nobody believes her because there’s no such thing as ninja’s. Except there is such a thing as ninja’s and now the ninja’s want to kill her. So she teams up with the good ninja, played by Korean pop sensation Rain, who helps her seek revenge on the evil ninja’s, who happen to be his former clan. There’s some pretty nifty fight scenes along the way, and that wispy CGI that makes everything appear slightly supernatural. It also has its fair share of ninja blood. Ultimately, whether or not you will like it will largely depend on how fond of ninja’s you are to begin with.

The End



Oh. Did you ever notice how ninja’s get less powerful the more of them you put together? One ninja is usually this unstoppable force, their always the baddest ass in the room, secret weapon, secret style, secret hat. But put more than three of them in a room together and they suddenly get performance anxiety. Rule of thumb, if a movie has an army of ninjas, then you can be pretty sure our protagonist is going to breeze through them like [insert loathed chubby] and a hammock of profiteroles. Now since there is not a ninja cliché that Ninja Assassin doesn’t indulge in, you can bet that this one made it into the final edit.


On the one hand part of me loves seeing cheesy martial arts clichés like this still kicking around. On the other hand they lose a lot of their charm when the authenticity is completely removed. When Bruce or Jackie flicked, twisted, kicked and screamed we had a static camera and the proof of physical exertion. Ninja Assassin simply looks too expensive for its own good. Believe me when I say I am not trying to sound like a Chinese proverb, but most of the films strengths are also its biggest weaknesses. From the cool, stoic delivery of our protagonist Raizo, to the legend that is Sho Kosugi and his earnest recital of every ninja villain stock line in the book. Both are acceptable traits within this genre, but could quite easily grunt throughout the movie and provide more weight to their roles.


Speaking of stock lines, let’s see how many pretentious critical clichés I can fit into one paragraph. Story formulaic, the dialogue wooden, almost Ikea (slot ninja B into ninja B), acting woeful, even for a movie with the word ninja in the title. I would say that the film appeared to work on several levels without actually addressing six of them. Some have suggested 36, but The Abbott has been slipping recently so we forgive him for that last effort.



Mood Swings

January 21, 2010


In a time where conventional retail practice is coming under fire for being inefficient, costly and outdated, one store in Moscow has taken its interior design and turned it into a visual spectacle all of its own.

Designed in a collaborative effort between Swedish agency Boys Don’t Cry and Cyril Duval, a French artist, the interior is split into four separate spaces which each represent a part of a woman’s daily mood cycle.

Labelled ‘Avant-garde’, ‘Classic’, ‘Minimalistic’ and ‘Funny Girls’, each space contributes to a free-flowing, narrative experience that entices visitors with a truly original concept. However, it is not just the decor that attracts shoppers – Mood Swings stocks items by the likes of LIMI Feu, Bernhard Wilhelm and Minä Perhonen.

In order to fight against dwindling retail figures, innovation and conceptual thinking such as this will ensure that consumers keep returning. People’s perception of what is worth paying for has shifted away from simple material goods to intangible experiences; buying a CD is perhaps not worth it, but tickets to a festival are.

Retail spaces such as Mood Swings help to blur the boundaries between retail and entertainment, ensuring that customers return to partake in the store’s theatrical and original experience.


Karate Kid Trailer

January 21, 2010

I mentioned this title last year among a horde of upcoming remakes.


A story so good they had to tell it twice – kind of. This time round we have Lil Will aka Jaden Smith aka the other Dre taking the lead with Jackie Chan as the ever present fly catching, waxing groomer.

Here’s the trailer:


Hozell for Haiti – Graphic T-Shirts

January 20, 2010


This is the Hozell for Haiti t-shirt… with proceeds going to The Red Cross and other relief efforts to help the people of Haiti during this time of need.

If you’re like us, you wish you could donate endlessly… but don’t have the spare cash to throw down. We’re creating this t-shirt so you can help the cause and get a great looking tee out of the deal.

If you can… get one for yourself, one for a friend, one for your mailman, your gardener, the guy at the gas station, and so on.

[though this item isn’t being custom constructed at 100% of our standard hozell retail quality (to keep the cost down and raise more money), these shirts are still soft as hell and super comfortable]

Available here.


Nike SB in Qatar

January 20, 2010

Documentary about a skateboard tour in Qatar with part of the Nike SB Spain riders Daniel Rubio, Juan Algora, Daniel López De Ipiña, Adrián Del Campo and Daniel Lebrón. Filmed by Enrique Mayor & David Moreda. Produced by Iván Jiménez. Edited by Enrique Mayor.

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Heavy Rain – A Breath of Fresh Air

January 19, 2010

heavy cry

Every so often, a game turns up with the intention of redefining the industry. It boldly states its claims to the public on a plinth of pretension, outlines its methods of said redefinition and is subsequently shot in the face, teabagged and pick-pocketed of its innovations. Sadly, for the most part, the majority of gamers would quite happily remain on a strict diet of bullet ballistics and limb dismemberment.

The latest game to stake this claim is Heavy Rain – here’s what its saying.

In Heavy Rain you are in control of four everyday people with no connections, thrown into extraordinary circumstances (stay with me). You control an architect (father of two), a rotund private detective, a FBI profiler with C.S.I credentials, and a female journalist. The bridge of these characters being supported by an elusive serial killer named the Origami Killer. Sounds fun, but where is this innovation you speak of? It’s developers Quantic Dream have stated that the innovation lies in its variations. You see, if or when one our your protagonists dies, the story continues, the narrative evolves and the climax is tweaked.


This game is all about the sequencing. What order you press the buttons, dictate the events on screen. Critics have alluded to the game being one drawn out quick time event, while others believe this could introduce the move towards instinctual free flowing narratives, based on the players own decisions, rather than the linear path with which the majority of games follow. Certainly, the Wii’s waggling dominance over the last four years coupled with Sony and Microsoft’s iterations would suggest this.


The aim is to integrate the player into the characters. The way it has been presented thus far would suggest that they are on the right track. The end result, if executed correctly could be monumental to the industry. Emotional attachment in a video game. Let me repeat, emotional attachment in a video game (and don’t give me the horrible Final Fantasy counterpoint, those tears were on wasted youth, nothing more). If this is to be achieved then the player must never feel like they are not affecting the events on screen (like say, Final Fantasy, sorry to keep going on but they are not games, just lengthened bloody tech demo’s).


As Infinity Ward demonstrated recently with its ‘No Russian’ level in Modern Warfare 2, it is difficult, if not impossible to portray emotional, social themes in a video game effectively. I would argue the failure on their part was on the character impotence within that particular situation. Perhaps Quantic Dream can achieve the impossible.

I’m seeing this game being a huge critical success for its scope alone, but as for the commercial success, I shall remain sceptical. Heavy Rain states the understated by going back to basics. Its focus on quick-time events and simplistic controls may not appear progressive at first glance, but it falls in line with David Cage’s (QD, CEO) vision. Heavy Rain is trudging through new territory here. Whether or not it proves successful, it already stands apart – I still remember Shenmue!

Look out for it on the 26th February. Interested, have a look below.


What’s Hot in 2010 by Sarah Leigh

January 16, 2010


After a brief hiatus, Sarah returns with her third contribution to the Fold, offering some insider tips on what’s hot for the coming year in fashion, music, art and style.

A little late in the day, and vastly covered by the glossies, but I thought I’d put in my two cents on who (and what) will be unmissable in 2010. From the new set of rock and pop stars to inspirational TV dramas and the latest fashion trends, read on for an essential guide to ‘what’s hot’ for the coming year.

Marina and the Diamonds


Half Welsh, half Greek Marina Diamandis gained a lot of press last year for her catchy rock-tinged pop and retro pinup persona. 2010 will see big things for this 24 year-old songstress, her latest single Hollywood, from her eagerly awaited debut album The Family Jewels, is possibly the most memorable song of the New Year. Her love of combining 50’s style bodysuits with opaque tights and 80’s shoulder-padded jackets (with a good measure of fringing and sequins) has and will earn her some serious fashion stripes in the months to come too.

The return of Big Love


Many of you know, and indeed understand my unwavering style-admiration for Chloe Sevigny, and not only does this woman know how to dress herself (or employ a rather talented person who does), but she can act too. Over here in the UK we only got the first season of Big Love, but on the other side of the pond season 4 has just begun on HBO. If Sevigny’s prairie chic attire and polygamous credit card wielding, serial shopping alter ego isn’t reason enough to tune in, then news that original indie queen Sissy Spacek features in this run should be! I’m predicting big things for a prairie inspired look this summer, and Sevigny could just provide the inspiration you need!

I suggest you get on the WWW and download (legally please children) the back catalogue immediately, or buy the boxset on DVD (region 1), or for those of you lucky enough to receive HBO – tune in damn it!

Michael Van Der Ham


The Dutch Central Saint Martin’s graduate has appropriately taken the fashion and celebrity dressing world by storm, and to be honest I can hardly wait to see what 2010 will see from Mr V D Ham. Autumn/winter 09/10 saw his black and gold asymmetric brocade creations, while spring/summer 10 bought about beautiful silk, satin and tulle lop-sided rusched mini-dresses and candy hued, metallic tinged separates…. Mmm mmm.

Sports Luxe


For womenswear this year, it’s all about a luxury approach to sportswear. With designer du jour Alexander Wang headlining the trend, 2010 will see jersey applied to just about garment, cycling shorts, knee high soccer socks, tennis skirts and wedge-heeled sneakers taking centre stage. For ultimate stylista points add a 90s grungy twist with laddered tights and don’t ditch those Ray-ban Wayfarers just yet.

The Temper Trap


It was Temper Trap’s latest single Fader that really made me sit up and take notice of the band. On a bigger scale, the Australian band attribute their new status to their recording sessions with UK producer Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys). Last year members Dougy, Jonathan, Lorenzo and Toby moved from their native Melbourne to London, and immersed themselves in to the UK music scene, they have since embarked on a headline tour, played festivals up and down the country and been signed to US label Glassnote Recoreds; cue another appearance at the acclaimed South by Southwest festival.

Upon my first listen to their Fader track, I must say it immediately evoked a sense of nostalgia – reminding me of the soft 80’s rock that I love. Indeed, Temper Track are known for their atmospheric sound and pulsating drums. They’ve got a little something going on style wise too, with a nice collection of geek-chic specs, Campagnolo cycling caps and lead singer Dougie’s anarchic school boy charm.

Thom Kerr


Thom Kerr is my new favourite photographer (let’s face it, I need one since David LaChapelle semi-retired to some lake-side retreat). He combines a mixture of super-glossy fashion imagery with a little surrealism and ever-changing ethereal lighting, not to mention the fact that the accompanying track to his website is Mama Cass’ It’s Getting Better – what’s not to like.

Hailing from Australia, Kerr originally studied fine art film before stepping behind the lens in 2005. There are few image makers to take the industry by such force in such a small amount of time, and with clients already including O’Zine magazine, Christian Audigier and Warner Music, the only way is up.

Saoirse Ronan


Atonement’s little Briony Tallis is now nearly 15 and an Academy Award, Bafta and Golden Globe nominated actress. Her 2010-released effort, Irena in ‘The Way Back’, looks set to gain in further praise and acclaim.

The beautiful young Irish actress will swiftly take the reins from Emma Watson et all as Europe’s most interesting, talented and dynamic icon.

Letterman Jackets


Guys, if you purchase one thing this year make it a 1960s style American high school letterman jacket. We’re talking when Danny Zuko turns jock, preppy HSM types but with a teddy boy edge. The key is to mix it up, make it edgy, make it cool – combine it with different styles, granddad-chic, geek-chic, urban, city slicker – the choice is yours.


Mos Def – History feat. Talib Kweli

January 13, 2010

Brand spanking new video for the Dilla-produced ‘History’, from Mos’ new album ‘The Ecstatic’. Back to those Blackstar days, thanks to a return-to-form guest spot from Mr. Kweli.


Terror Danjah Interview for Grime Forum

January 10, 2010

Taken from Grime Forum

Kristian from Threefold Media talks to Grime figurehead Terror Danjah about his multitude of upcoming releases on Butterz, Planet Mu and Hyperdub, and what else he has planned for 2010.

As anyone who has clocked your twitter recently will know, you’ve been a bit busy of late! Let us know what exactly you’ve been up to?

Well I’ve been concentrating more on myself, especially now I dont have artist or a label (Aftershock) to look after/to run, It’s freed up my time to make more beats.

You have a fistful of upcoming releases on a load of different labels. Can you let the people know what they are and on what labels they are being released?

In January I’ve got an E.P. out entitled the ‘Bipolar E.P.’ which is kick starting Elijah’s new label, Butterz. The tracks included are ‘Bipolar’, ‘Air Bubble’ and a D.O.K remix of ‘Sidechain’. In Febuary, I have my debut on Kode 9’s well respected ‘Hyperdub’ record label with two tracks. [One is] called ‘Acid’ and the other is a collaboration with D.O.K called ‘Pro Plus’.

I got more tunes coming, but I’d rather surprise you haha!

Terror Danjah In Xmas Mix 09 by Terrordanjah on Mixcloud

Let’s talk about the Butterz release. The E.P. consists of three tunes: Air Bubble, Bipolar and D.O.K.’s remix of Sidechain. Why did you pick these tunes for the E.P. and what do they say about Terror Danjah in 2010?

I actually made ‘Bipolar’ and ‘Air Bubble’ whilst on the phone to Elijah! Elijah said he wanted three different styles of tunes to give a well rounded EP. So as i was making the tunes, he heard them take shape!

Butterz001 – Terror Danjah – Bipolar EP from Butterz on Vimeo.

I first heard Sidechain in a set you did at Night Slugs. What sort of reactions has that tune, and indeed the others off the E.P., received live?

‘Sidechain’ always goes down well in a rave, especially now its been released on Planet Mu. When i first gave it to people it got over looked. But now it’s been released on the ‘Industry Standard E.P.’ with three remixes from D.O.K, Swindle and Suhk Night – PLUS – a Mz Bratt featuring Wiley vocal on the original mix, it’s all popping off!

Your EP is the first to be released on the brand-spanking new Butterz label. What has it been like working with Elijah and Skilliam?

Yeah man we’re all good mates! Elijah and I are good mates who originally we got introduced by Loudmouth Melvin. We chat on a daily basis, monitoring what’s going on in the world of Grime.

Elijah has often stated his frustration with the Grime scene, saying that Grime’s success – both economically and musically – is dependent on producers and DJ’s and not the MC’s. You have shared similar frustrations in the past. Was this EP release on Butterz down to a shared ‘vision’?

Yeah definitely. I think producers are overlooked in the Grime scene, in the media and it’s always portrayed in Artist/MC terms. In Dubstep though, it’s the producers that are embraced because their music doesn’t have MC’s dictating the scene. DJ’s in Dubstep are also the producers which equates to them being artists.

I think personally, with help from Elijah, we’re changing the perspective of Grime by going back to the roots – putting DJ’s and producers first again. Without them, there would be no music!

In a recent Nightvisions interview you said how you wanted a piece of the ‘Dubstep’ money, focussing more on DJ’ing. Your scheduled releases on Hyperdub will surely solidify this. Will you be making more Dubstep moves going forward?

Dubstep and Grime are virtually the same music to me. I’m getting a lot of bookings from Dubstep promoters. I love Dubstep raves ‘cos they don’t give a shit about the MC’s – they go nuts to the beats and that’s inspiring.

How does working with Hyperdub and the Dubstep scene differ from working with the Grime scene?

It’s a lot easier and professional is the short story! Haha!

Along with Swindle and Joker, you are an exponent of a sound I like to call ‘Lengman Funk’ – those swirling synth leads, stomping bass and retro stabs are hard but still really harmonic. Does your work mark a new age in Grime/Dubstep production?

Erm, I’ll leave it to the ravers and listeners to name it, I just call it MUSIC! Haha!

You have versioned and re-edited a lot of your old tunes recently – most notably Creepy Crawler & Zumpi Huntah. Do you think that this ‘versioning’ is a good, quick and economic way for Producers to keep current in the scene?

Well, I realised that a lot people had never heard my earlier production, especially when the ‘Gremlinz’ album on Planet Mu [came out] I saw that people were blown away and that they had never heard of me before. I knew I had to up my presence and make myself heard. I guess I did the new versions to play in the clubs for myself.

Your recent 2009 Xmas mix on Mixcloud (at top of page) was incredible. One thing that struck me on ‘Horror Story’ were those infamous ‘Boogyman’ stabs! Along with the Gremlin cackle, one of your producing traits seems to be reusing and recontextualising sounds in new ways. Is this a key focus for you when you are producing?

Haha not really, but I haven’t used those strings in over 5 years…Boy I’m getting old haha!

You have left the Aftershock label behind you now to focus solely on what you are best known for – producing instrumentals. What does it feel like to relinquish those label responsibilities? Has it had a positive effect on your creativity?

It’s the best thing I’ve done in ages! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I started Aftershock – it laid the foundation or blueprint for me, but [dropping Aftershock] has definitely has had a positive effect on me creatively – I get more leisure time to myself.

I wrote a piece on Grime Press a little while ago which in summary said that most ‘Grime’ journalists work is off-point, lazy and ultimately throwaway. As a key figurehead in Grime, do you think this has attributed to the widespread ignorance of the scene and indeed yourself, in mainstream media?

100 percent! This gets me mad as I get left out most of the time. No disrespect to Wiley but he’s wasn’t the only guy doing Grime. There was me, Nasty Crew, Ruff Sqwad, Durrty Goodz, Bruza, DaVinChe, Crazy Titch and Roll Deep!

Any shoutouts?

Shout out my management, Shaurav at 2Tone & Maurice at Soul2Streets, Kode 9 at Hyperdub, Mike at Planet Mu, D.O.K, Elijah and Skilliam at Butterz Recs, Loudmouth, Bruza, Badness, Colin Batsa, Griminal, Swindle, Rude Kid, Sir Spyro, Mz Bratt, Dj Silencer, Dj Cameo, Dj Logan Sama and the rest of the Dj’s, Bloggers, promoters, ravers, listeners and everyone who’s pushing our scene forward and everyone I forgot, bless!!!