David LaChapelle x Maybach Zeppelin


As a kind of follow-up to the post I made yesterday, I’ve just read about a collaborative work that Mr. LaChapelle has entered into alongside Daimler to promote the new Maybach Zeppelin.

In a series of photoshoots literally dripping with LaChapelle’s signature oeuvre, the acclaimed photographer taps into Nazi decadence circa 1932 alongside bare, broken-furniture-littered landscapes for his images, featuring the latest Zeppelin model as well as a 1931 Zeppelin DS 8.



Although I was less than favourable about his Cars & Money exhibition, I actually like these shots. To be truthful, I have always been a fan of LaChapelle’s hyper-real, saturated photography ever since I studied fashion photography at university. As I have already stated (but never mind, I’m saying it again) I am just less than impressed at his attempts at fine art, as participating in projects with carmakers whose products cost several hundred thousand pounds who then pay him millions for his work is sort of at odds with his anti-capitalist message.



These, though, are pretty hot. Thanks to Hypebeast for the pictures.


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