Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010


Burberry Prorsum have unveiled a lovely little peek at their new menswear line for 2010. As you can probably tell military styling is a big influence – Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s CCO, has spoken of the new line:

Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey mined Burberry’s military heritage for the Prorsum pre-fall season with a battalion of weatherproof wool felt coats cinched with chunky belts, leather and shearling aviator jackets, and gabardine trenches. “This collection is anchored in history, and what you’re seeing is a roll-call of Burberry outerwear,” said the designer. “I love mixing different decades ­— but using modern fabrics.” He said the brand’s new social networking Web site, artofthetrench.com, got him thinking about the ways Burberry trenches have been worn over the years.

But there are soft edges, too, with Victorian elements, such as silk dresses overlaid with delicate lace and even lace-covered trenches. And Bailey easily brings hard and soft together: Wool sweaters have silky bow-shaped epaulets, while bows and ruffles take the edge off sharply tailored skirts and peplums add flourish to military-inspired suit jackets. Colors range from brooding dark greens and blacks to khaki and nude.





In an earlier post I mentioned my desire for a Burberry trenchcoat – having seen these designs I have to say I really want the very first one… far too cool for school. And too expensive for James, no doubt. Sigh….



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