Google’s Next Step Towards World Domination


The internet. Pretty useful if you need dramatic chipmunks in your life and irreverent musings from smug bloggers. I’m sure some of you reading this now are flicking between a stream site, a flash game, some illicit material and actual work. Google have taken note and created their own operating system framed around instant accessibility to the wireless and multi-multi-tasking.

For a product thats essentially preparing to kill Windows, it does look pretty cute!



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One Response to “Google’s Next Step Towards World Domination”

  1. boncester Says:

    Google Chrome OS aint gonna replace Windows across the board, all its gonna do is make a netbook boot within a reasonable time, I mean if you want to look at summit on the web, why the hell are you waiting for a bijillion startup services and apps that wont be used for the 10 minutes it takes to leave a drunken tweet?

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