Friday Feeling #4


Star & Bubs’ Sambuca Gas Chambers

Now, this one isn’t so much a cocktail, more a crazy way to do shots of sambuca (which, by the way, I can’t even taste without heaving nowadays… thanks to heady student days!!) that is guaranteed to attract attention – purely because fire is involved.

A friend and I cracked these out at the bar in Revolution in Cardiff on Saturday night, so I felt I should share it. It’s slightly different to the conventional way (see the video below) but our way is better, trust me.

You will need:

1 shot of sambuca
2 wine glasses
Some ice
A bendy straw
A lighter

Place the shot in one glass and the ice in the other. Pick up the glass with the shot in it, tilt it slightly and rotate it a couple of times so that the sambuca coats the inside of the glass. Bend the straw and have someone (i.e. your victim) hold it in the glass with the ice (they need to hold the long end, so that the short end is sticking up out of the glass)

Set fire to the sambuca. Pretty blue flames will follow. Play around with it for a second, to look cool, then pour it into the ice… then place the glass upside-down on top of the glass that now has the ice and shot in it, leaving the straw trapped in the gap. Get your victim to put their lips to the straw and inhale – the ‘chamber’ that you have created will now be full of vaporised alcohol. As soon as that’s all done, take the top glass off and then they drink the shot as well.

A bit of a palaver I know, but looks very cool. For those who didn’t follow my instructions, here’s a video of some people doing it the proper way, although doing it this way means moving the glass a lot more which will lose the vapour – when the barmaid puts the glass on top of the other one, do that but trap the straw between the two and inhale before the shot. If you’re 2.0 that is.


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