Rza on Kung-Fu, Directing, an ODB Biopic and Sperm


In a new interview with The Onion, Wu-Tang’s main disciple discusses everything Wu related, everything Kung-Fu related, and his entrance into filmmaking. Find me another interview where you’re going to find discussions on Dawn of the Dead, Malcolm X and sperm cells and I shall hand you a googlewhack stamp. The RZA also gave away a little snippet on the upcoming biopic of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, his role on The Last Dragon remake and his directorial debut, the kung-fu flick The Man With the Iron Fist, under the supervision of close friend and torture flick specialist Eli Roth. Glad to know Bobby Dig isn’t slowing any time soon.

The charismatic Dirty never backed away from a scandal. As well as delivering a style never seen nor heard previously, he fathered numerous children, had countless run ins with the law and made food stamps commercial. Here’s Rza on the O.D.B project,

“We have talked about it. His estate is pretty confused, like any estate is in our country. The estate is kind of confused on what to do, and all the rights and all that shit, but it’s definitely been talked about. There’s also been talk about a Wu-Tang Clan movie. So we’ll see what life brings. In my opinion, I’d rather see an ODB pic than a Wu-Tang Clan pic. But an ODB pic, just to really describe his life, would be good. Right now, there is a documentary that’s done that’s pretty good. It ain’t a knock out of the park, but it’s pretty good, it gives a nice piece of him. Then you start with that, and we can build more awareness about his life, and build more interest in people seeing a movie about it.”

The main question is, who can bring that Dirt McGirt charisma on screen? The Playlist believe that Bed-Stuy’s Chris Rock could tackle the project, others have suggested Dave Chappelle emerging from the London comedy clubs to give it try. As much as I would love to see Dave taking on the part, I think the chances of getting him are as likely as U-God’s next LP going triple platinum.

You can find the full article here

Whoever Rza chooses, their going to have a big task encapsulating this…


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