Dizzee at the Proms.


Well, what else is there to say? Dizzee rascal’s performance on the BBC’s Electric Proms was very, very good. Dylan used this opportunity to really showcase why he’s at the top of his game; fully embracing new musical ideas and the spirit of the show.

From the Country-fied version of ‘Bonkers’ to the touching, string-laden rendition of ‘Jezebel’, Dizzee really outdid himself. He was cool and collected onstage and his break-neck opener ‘Jus’ a Rascal’ was recited word-perfect which in a live context, is no easy task. Taking cue from Robbie Williams earlier this week, he was every bit the front man; strutting across the stage with authority and prowess.

A highlight was seeing Aswad join the Rascal onstage to perform Tongue N Cheek highlight, ‘Can’t Tek No More’ (on which they are sampled.) It was a joyous moment that reinforced socially conscious parallels between Britain’s black music traditions of old, and the nihilistic, more American-influenced styles popular now.

Somewhat sadly though, with this excellent performance Dizzee showed the Grime scene how far behind him it is. MC’s really should take note and realise that to make it in music, the world is bigger than the estate and that as music artists, they should embrace a spectrum of human emotions, experiences and musical styles. At the moment it seems Genre constraints together with Chipmunk’s and Tinchy’s success is inspiring a wave of ‘follow fashion’ types to ‘go pop’ with buzzy electro numbers, or soppy love odes.

Dizzee has done Dizzee and his success is down to his open-minded attitude to music. This Electric Proms appearance was not only enjoyable, but very positive – a theme clearly lacking in ‘Mash’ obsessed Grime at the moment. It made me proud to be a Grime fan, oh what a feeling!

Watch the performance here.



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