Toy Story 3


If you’ve not been following news on the upcoming Toy Story film. The premise is thus, Andy (the kid) has grown up and gone to college; leaving his old box of toys to be donated to local nursery.

Pixar have a knack for the nostalgia recently. I believe they really are developing a craft for storytelling through image and image alone. Following the beautiful opening montages in both Wall-E and Up! Pixar are beginning to set near impossible marks for their counterparts to compete with.

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Throughout, the animation looks wonderful. Im not quite sure why I’m so impressed with the few scenes they showed of the mature Andy (still voiced by the original actor John Morris.). I think there’s something in his movement that really captures that age well. Pixar’s human animation has become better and better. This latest effort could possibly be the least cartoony animation they have ever made. But has the series grown up alongside the ikkle kiddies that watched the originals? or will it be more of the same with a 3d stamp of approval? We’re gonna have to wait a while to get that answer…..

If you missed the teaser click here.

Full Trailer.

Expect Toy Story 3 on June 18th 2010 stateside and whenever they feel like tossing it over to the limeys.



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One Response to “Toy Story 3”

  1. Shane Bertou Says:

    We’re stoked. June 18th is good and circled on the family calendar!

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