This ambitious feature from Tarik Saleh looks set to position itself right up there with the most leftfield of cult classics. Metropia is an animated feature set in 2024. That ‘weird’ look was achieved through use of photomontage and cut out techiniques to create a 2d overlap on 3d backgrounds. If you think that sounds surreal, it is certainly no more than the plot deserves.


Vincent Gallo voices Roger, a guy with no social life who rides his bike in defiance of an underground transit system in Europe. As you will hear in the trailer below, Roger suffers from a mundane voice in his head. He is also infatuated with a complete stranger, Nina, (voiced by Juliette Lewis) who appears on television advertising shampoo. One day he meets her and she suggests to him the voice in his head could be a consumerist conspiracy. Tarik Saleh certainly owes a lot in scope and style to the works of Gilliam, Orwell and that lunatic who spouts crap outside your local centre.


The film premiered at Fantastic Fest and reviews so far have been highly bewildered yet strangly encouraging. It looks like something worth investigating on the aesthetics alone, I mean, look at the thing!

Besides, i’ve always liked a bit of Aphex.

Heres the trailer.



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