Damien Hirst – ‘The Dead’

Image courtesy of BNTL

Damien Hirst launched his new exhibition ‘The Dead’ at Other Criteria last night. The show consisted of thirty new works, each a colourful extrapolation of his indulgent 2007 ode to bling, ‘For The Love Of God

To art outsiders like me, ‘The Dead’ to all intents and purposes, is the ‘iPod Nanofication’ of one of Hirst’s most controversial works.

How Hirst can even claim there is any kind of artistic notion or message behind these prints is beyond me. They are egotistical; the self-satisfied splatterings of a blagger. There is no exploration, analysis or interpretation – only trendy colour and a stark reference to death.

Image courtesy of BNTL

On the flipside the absence of meaning – which will undoubtedly be sited by art critics as to why this work is so great – isn’t in my opinion strong enough to justify it’s inclusion in a gallery, let alone the price tag. Hirst’s fascination with death has become a parody. A T4 special.

For a proper, detailed write-up of Hirst’s shortcomings, read Robert Hughes’ excellent article here



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