Epic Scale

The gaming community has been getting all giddy this week after details emerged on the upcoming video game Epic Mickey, which originally was designed as a Wii exclusive, but could possibly branch out to the PS3 and 360. The reason some are getting all excited over a Disney game involving Mickey Mouse is it carries with it, one of the more interesting concepts to come out of the Disney stable in quite some time.


The premise is simple enough; a group of ostracised Disney characters who are pushed aside by the iconic Disney lot, rally together – setting out to destroy the Disniverse or possibly reintroduce some of that good ol fashion racism.

say what

Step forward our hero Lil’ Mick, whose task it is to fix the mess before the musical world of Disney is gone forever. Sounds intriguing? Even more intriguing is the rumours circulating of a Warren Spector and Junction Point Studios collaboration with the Disney Feature and Pixar gang. A Pixar feature film with Disney characters?

You didn’t hear it from me….

Here are some more screens.





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