The Last Effort?

Last Guard

I was watching Sir Charlie Of Brooker’s program a couple of nights ago. The show was a breath of fresh air, having never seen a computer game discussed on screen in such a reasonable and dare I say it – informed way. The end quote from Micro-Live struck a chord particularly.

“So, if you’ve never played a computer game – dont dismiss them. There are games for all mentalities, its just that the good games are hidden behind a mass of crude shoot-em-ups.”

While it is true that the FPS has completely saturated the most interactive media form, when the survivors eventually emerge from the rubble of a piss poor world-war Gears of COD clones – they are all that more important.


Team Ico’s upcoming PlayStation 3 game The Last Guardian is easily one of the most highly-anticipated games on the platform. While Ico’s previous efforts, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus preferred to target a Japanese audience, with specific tastes. Vice President of Japan Studio, Yasuhide Kobayashi, revealed that the new title will aim to appeal to a more ubiquitous consumer, in an ever-expanding market.


It is very interesting to note how big of an impact marketing has, especially on a game possessing such artistic qualities. Apart from voice acting and dubbing issues, I believe the aesthetics alone will move this game off the shelves. Hopefully demonstrating to other developers that you can make profit off of innovation. Now leave the Nazi’s alone, we get it, Hitler bad! America Good!

Expect The Last Guardian sometime next year, now watch this..



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