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Stussy x Maiden Noir Jeans

September 25, 2009


Sleek, heritage-inspired denim is the order of the day at Stussy, with their recent collaboration with Maiden Noir. Constructed from clean, flat-finish Japanese selvedge denim, these jeans are tapered slightly and come complete with bright red braces, another nostalgic nod to the days before belts, and a nice little woven bag to pop them in.




Available here.



Acceptable In The Eighties

September 25, 2009

Retro heads listen up.

mega mega

Blaze have announced that they will be introducing a 2 player console that incorporates the old MegaDrive games. The console will have 15 classic titles built into the system, but unlike the cheap tat found in supplement magazines; it will be backwards compatible with most old MegaDrive cartridges on any region.

The fifteen titles are as follows:

• Golden Axe
• Alex Kidd
• Altered Beast
• Columns
• CrackDown
• Fatal Labyrinth
• Sonic & Knuckles
• Decap Attack
• Eswat
• Arrow Flash
• Flicky
• Gain Ground
• Bonanza Bros
• Alien Storm

The console is available…..right now at a reasonable sum of £39.99.

Interested? Click Here for more information.


FWD VS Rinse @ Matter O2 Nov 20th

September 25, 2009

Good news! Rinse has secured a quarterly residency at the London superclub. After the success of Rinse’s 15th birthday event there it seems like a natural decision. This one look set to be every bit as special as the last!

Absolutely mental line up:

SKREAM + BENGA 2 hour set

















BROCKIE (Jungle set)






Order your tickets here


Marvel Mandem

September 25, 2009

uurgh uuuuuuurgh!

“you f**kin cheat, hadouken-spamming $*%”*%”

We at the fold love a bit of SF, so when Capcom Unity announced on their blog that they’re looking for ideas regarding the next “Capcom vs” release, we tiger uppercut the nearest street urchin, then skipped to our nearest wi-fi spot . Considering how many tears of nostalgia we shed for the re-release of Marvel vs Capcom 2, coupled with the upcoming Tatsunoko vs Capcom, it would be marvellous to see the Capcom franchise expand their horizons.

So, what do our readers think?

Obvious choices go to DC vs Capcom and BBK vs Capcom.

Send your ideas here.



Cemetary Junction Teaser

September 25, 2009

Cemetary Junction is the new comedy from Merchant and Gervais. You know the style by now. Looking at this little promo here; I don’t think they’ll be redefining themselves anytime soon. Then again, with the amount of awards received from said style; who can blame them?


Fresh Wu Tang Vs Dekline Shoes

September 25, 2009

A number of years ago, an MTV Cribs episode featuring Wu-Tang at their LA hideaway revealed a serious dilemma. As Raekwon explained:

“In LA the climate is always off the hook out here. So you ain’t really got time to get fly, ‘coz by the time you get fly – it’s too hot!”

Indeed hiphop wear (denim, leathers, sweatshirts, bling, hi-tops etc) and hot weather do not mix. Thank God then, for this belated collaboration between the Staten Island crew and skate company Dekline.

This deck shoe combines lightweight PVC uppers and rubber sole with iconic Wu-Tang yellow & black branding. It’s a fashion Triumph! C.R.E.A.M. of the crop! Sure to grip the Gravel Pit!” (You see where I’m going with this?)

Available here


Marc by Marc Jacobs – Love Magazine T-Shirts

September 25, 2009


I don’t really like Love Magazine. I went for a post-work coffee with my manager the other week and she picked up a couple of magazines for us to ‘flick while we frap’, one of which was Love Magazine’s first issue.

Having seen a typo in one of the pull quotes, I was instantly put off and don’t intend to ever read it again… Given that the traditional magazine format is a dying breed already on borrowed time, the last thing it needs is another 5kg homage to quasi-pretentious fashion shoots and reams of adverts, interspersed with ‘edgy’ text that is, essentially, about fuck all.

However, I do quite like the t-shirts that Marc by Marc Jacobs has produced to ‘celebrate’ the magazine.


Chromeo – Night by Night

September 25, 2009

I love Chromeo. I love every single little 80’s-synth-funk-influenced bone in their Canadian bodies. No homo, obviously. This is their new single, Night by Night, released on Green Label Sound. Their 2007 album ‘Fancy Footwork’ is also full of gems and well worth a purchase…enjoy.


Comment is Free

September 24, 2009

Look under any post on a blog, article or video on YouTube and you will find a mini-culture that forms in the comment section. The in-and-out nature of this “Have Your Say” medium means it’s a playing ground for any personality to thrive. Here’s a list of the culpricks.

The Cynic



“Look in the background at 27 seconds, you can see the strings.”


The jaded sceptic. It would be easy to call them the glass half full kind of guy, if that glass contained piss. A person utterly determined to be a ray of light, in the mountain of dubious wiki entries and viral marketing campaigns.


Reason To Hate

They are not on a grand quest for the ultimate question, or the purveyor of truth. It is simply that they want to be the smartest person in the room, while in the process; suck all of the wonder out of this magnificent world. They have an automatic reaction to shit on pretty much any video that shows anything remotely remarkable happening. This is the internet, if we want to believe the ‘Dinho can hit a crossbar from that far, who are they to take that from us.

The Geezer



“Fukin hell, you see when he jellied it?! IF he tried that on me he’d be fukin DEAD!”


I find this character difficult to define. Either he is a guy who has walked out of a John Hughes movie, or somebody who aspires to be that thick, preening Übermensch.


Reason To Hate

This person shows up to comment on anything remotely related to physical exertion; always quick to remind us of how much of a Kimbo he is in the real world. Yet failing to grasp that he is simply typing in front of a screen; not doing bicep curls with small animals.

The Autobot



“This video is hilarious, for more site-splinting ha ha’s go to”


Both automated spam and shameless promotion. Cant we leave the spam to the actual fools in this world? You gotta feel for the actual people spamming this shite. A penny a post would melt the mind of most.


Reason To Hate

This is simply reverse advertising. A person or program, with the soul purpose of boosting their rankings on a search engine. What is there not to hate?

Saying that, I think WTTF needs a few bumps. Don’t hate the playa as they say…

Go On…

The Defender



Anthony Kiedis is the greatest singer on this planet, FACT!”
Bird Man is the future kid! You aint know shit about hip hop.”
“I’d like to see you do any better.”

(NOTE: This comment would normally be immediately followed by an articulate eloquent response from the Ninja.)


The Defender sees themselves as the moral compass of the W‘s, somewhere between Buddha and Paxman. In reality they are somewhere between Clarkson and that white stuff that accumulates at the corners of your mouth when you’re really thirsty (thank you Cyrus).


Reason To Hate

You could find the most despicable acts online and find a fool quick to defend it. They will proceed to throw in the most irrelevant counter-point to rationalise said defence. The problem is, if we used their logic, i.e. that we cannot be annoyed at anything as long as something worse is occurring, we would burn Cliff Richard’s back catalogue, then sit twiddling our bloody thumbs.

The Ninja

ma ninja




I give these people props for efficiency. They get the job done. They will wait for the conversation to reach bursting point or just subsiding, then chirp in with a strike with such finesse that it leaves everybody in a state of both anger and amusement, thus rendering the confrontation redundant.


Reason To Hate

How can we hate something so philosophical. The ninja is the internet poet, the king of the micro-haiku.

i heart

Other honourable mentions go to The Dawkins, The Kilroy and The Middle Man.

I eagerly await some Ninja responses.


One To Watch – P-Money

September 24, 2009

Grime music has always had a healthy fascination with violence and videogames. Boy Better Know member JME is renowned for his love of the virtual platform, frequently infusing his lyrics with playful references to Street Fighter and Call Of Duty. ‘Chillin’ Wid Da Mandem’, Dizzee’s romantic ode to his compatriots on latest album ‘Tongue ‘N’ Cheek’, details a particularly boisterous Pro Evo sesh.

Grime’s heady combination of brutal lyrics and synthesized Gameboy beats is almost poetic; a metaphor for how modern consumerist lifestyles and digital entertainment have eroded our sense of empathy, understanding and respect for fellow man and replaced it with a ‘carrot-on-a-stick’ pursuit for 1up-manship.

God I’m good…

And so, on that light and refreshing note, allow me to introduce the number one contender for Grime’s poet laureate, P-Money.

Hailing from Lewisham, South-East London, P-Money’s responsible for some of the most exciting Grime music to have been released this year. His debut mixtape ‘Coins to Notes’ – made available for free download in early 2008 – was widely applauded by Grime fans for it’s diversity in sound and constantly high level of barring. Peppering tracks such as ‘Back in Time’ and raucous street anthem ‘What Did He Say?’ with breathless tenacity, P’s skippy flow was lauded as one of the most exhilarating in the scene.

Since then, P-Money has made 3 releases which, despite some solid features, failed to excite as much his debut. ‘Coins to Notes’ follow-up ‘A Little Back Then With Now’ was exactly what the name suggested and featured a collection of P’s previous hits as well as snippets from the brooding, although ultimately disappointing ‘P-Money Is Power’ album.

His third and latest release however, ‘Money Over Everyone’, signals a return to previous form and is going down a storm in the scene, placing him firmly in the top third of the Grime MC league table.

Don’t just take my word for it. Giveaway paper The Metro did a feature on him last Friday, and lead single ‘1up’ – his Super Mario themed banger (produced by Royal T) – is all over the radio. On it, P displays an aggressive, yet playful wit that is a breath of fresh air in a scene that takes itself too seriously.

P-Money – 1up

It is unashamedly juvenile and all the more appealing for it. Other standout tunes from the CD include ‘Left the Room’ and ‘Fruit and Veg’, both of which are irresistibly catchy and draw P’s larger-than-life persona to the fore. With Funky grabbing all the attention and MC’s flocking to commercial markets, it’s good to see P-Money secure a niche that is hard, fast and wholeheartedly Grime.

P-Money’s appeal therefore, much like Mario after consuming a mushroom, can only get stronger.

P-Money’s CD ‘Money Over Everyone’ is available from HMV and iTunes.
Check out his myspace here.
Search Facebook for ‘King P-Money’