Unsung Heroes of The Hop.

Today we present, Ms Jean Grae.

Jean Grae

With six solid albums, a disbanded group and a serious case of swagger, Jean Grae has coasted along the underground airwaves for over a decade. Throughout her career she has recorded tracks with numerous commercial artists, been lauded by numerous critics and Rawkus loving aficionados. Yet, despite all this remains fairly unknown to the mass audience. I put this down to two factors, one, her journeyman approach to record label contracts and subsequent woeful marketing.

this week

Secondly, and most importantly, she’s a femcee who clearly doesn’t need to flash the poon to make the tune. Jean can hold a track on her own verbal acumen, a rarity for a female emcee some might say. To that I say ‘piss off Kilroy, you don’t even listen to the hop’. Be it brown, yellow, Puerto-Rican or Haitian (ooh Phife you sly dog), XX or XY, the sad fact remains that misogyny and sexism in hip-hop are like tax expenditures to your local mp. They know its morally bereft, but they’ll be damned if they tell anybody – now look at these rims biatch!


A woman with a mind is dangerous thing in the age of the bootay, now twist it out girl..

Jean ain’t twisting nothing but words and metaphors, and for that the Fold salutes you!

Our second Unsung Hero of the Hop, Jean Grae.




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