D&G Concept Store Unveiled in Milan


Fashion luminaries Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana have opened a new concept D&G store in Milan. The idea behind the new store is a ’boutique within a boutique’, allowing art exhibitions and exclusive previews of upcoming collections to be present among the wares on sale. Situated on the site of the company’s flagship, the renovation cost around $5.8million.


The store was conceptualised in conjunction with BAM Design Studio, and every single element within the 6,523 sq ft space has been pored over in meticulous detail. Warm neutrals and polished metals form the main decor style, featuring small display tables and modular cubes. A ‘cage’ forms the central focus of the room, consisting of squared vertical poles and a line of TV screens on one side. It is here that the exhibitions will take place; anything from an art installation to promoting a new bikini, according to Gabbana.

Given that D&G is a hugely famous international label, worn by the likes of Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and Madonna, it’s fairly certain that this new store will be a massive hit, and may even pave the way for a re-think of conventional retail spaces in the future.



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2 Responses to “D&G Concept Store Unveiled in Milan”

  1. aimhigh12 Says:

    D& G never failed and sure thing this will be a hit.

    • threeadmin Says:

      You’re right there… we are seeing a lot of ‘slash-slash’ stores of late, fulfilling the needs of not only a retail space but gallery space, restaurants, bars… the list goes on!

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