Frisco’s New Funky Anthem – ‘Eyes On You’

As Grime continues to get more masculine and therefore less fun, Funky fills the void. Grime sceptics and die-hard’s listen up. Funky is the next step, and needs to be embraced! Yeah, those corny nursery rhyme tracks were awful.

However, it was Funky’s ‘Rapper’s Delight’ moment – an experiment in novelty to expound the sound.

Now, Funky’s rough bass, soaring strings and irresistible percussive rhythms are ripping up London’s dance floors. The beats are hard, the songs sweet and girls are flocking to it too. Which can only be good news!

If there is one group who aren’t passing up the opportunity to ‘Party Hard’ Funky style, it’s Grime MC’s – many of whom have already, or are in the process of, releasing their own Funky experiments. Here, we have Boy Better Know member Frisco’s latest smash ‘Eyes On You’, a tribal number produced by Apple (who also produced the awesome beat behind Funky Dee’s regrettable ‘Napa anthem ‘Are You Gonna Bang Doe’)

Apple underpins Frisco’s autotuned refrain with a hypnotic sequence of drums, bass and organ stabs. Whilst autotune is a particular bugbear of mine, and in Frisco’s case completely unnecessary (especially after his superb run-away performance on ‘Too Many Man’) it doesn’t grate, allowing the rhythm to take the listener away.

Collabos like this can only reinvigorate the Grime scene. But please MC’s, be confident in your flow and keep the silly vocal effects to a minimum.


P.S. Check the behind the scenes footage of Frisco’s ‘Eyes On You’ video shoot here:


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