Forest Falconry – Birds Of Prey

Last Sunday I went to interview the keepers of a little-known Falconry reserve in the New Forest for Listed Magazine. An idyllic place and home to many beautiful birds of prey, the Forest Falconry site blends seamlessly into its surroundings – so much so that if you passed it in your car, you would miss it.

By leaving the land uncultivated, Forest Falconry chiefs Karen and Keith have minimised detriment to various habitats and resisted interference from developers and ‘know-it-all’ government quangos, to provide a truly organic and heart-warming experience.

Here are a number of pictures I took on that visit to accompany my written piece, which should be in the next issue of Listed Magazine. I forget the names of all the birds here, but amongst them are a Golden Eagle, a Tawny Eagle, a Siberian Owl and a Peregrine Falcon.

Feel free to leave a comment should you know any names!

Huge thanks to Karen, Keith, Ryan and Megan for letting me view their magnificent collection of birds. Book yourself a visit by clicking here



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