Seb Lester

Educated in Graphic Design at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martin’s university, Seb Lester is one of the UK’s most prolific typographic illustrators. His professional clients include GQ Magazine, Dell and the New York Times, as well as Monotype, one of the world’s biggest font foundries.

His unique approach to ostentatious and sensual typographic design is a perfect juxtaposition to his conservative, corporate style fonts such as Neo Sans, Scene and Soho, highlighting Lester’s versatility as a designer. Drawing upon influences such as Edwardian gentlemen’s clubs, Renaissance art and ancient woodblock carvings, Lester manages to create intricate and charming imagery from even the simplest elements.

Lester’s work often contains risqué material – his flamboyant re-workings of choice swear words are a prime example. However, due to the expert way in which his pieces are completed, the viewer is perhaps unaware that they are looking at, essentially, a four-letter word.

A selection of his work is currently on exhibition at the Electrik Sheep gallery in Newcastle, running until the 29th August.

Seb Lester



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