Effects be Effective

This is quite simply, Dub as Dub should be!

Dub FX is a street performer who utilises effects pedals, looping his voice to create truly sonic music. It seems people forget that modern Dub evolved from the likes of Tubby and Scratch Perry, two gents who knew how to compose harmonious structured music, while at the same time, bring a baseline bordering on the brown note!

Now don’t get me wrong, Benga, Skream et al. are pushing Dub to a commercial avenue, to an audience who, for the most part – would never listen to the boom boom, Ket or no Ket. But let us not forget the melody that should underpin the genre, complimenting the basslines that define the music.

I know this video’s done a few rounds recently, but if you haven’t seen this, I suggest you have a ganders.



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