Assorted Phone Pics

Here are a collection of pics I have amassed on my LG viewty. Not the usual quality, granted, but they are a snapshot of my day-to-day comings and goings, and my weird observations.

Cranial Nonsense – A bright piece sprayed up at Fleming Park skate park by local graffiti artist Cerk.

Office workers stand up! Excel is the most miserable program on Earth. It’s official!

Crystal Palace train station, London. I love the brickwork and architecture there. Truly beautiful. [\anorak]

My Dad chillin’ in the garden, reading the papers. A true gent.

EN-GER-LUND! Some patriotic bins right there.

Freaky charity shop display. Eastleigh has more charity shops per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, I swear!

A mural by Russell, dad of my brother’s school mate Tim. He suffers with severe arthritis, and this was part of a collection of art displayed in my local shopping centre. Touching work and the portrait resembles Tim a bit.

D Double E murking Rinse @ Matter. Ourgh! Ourgh!

More to come!



One Response to “Assorted Phone Pics”

  1. paramountplaces Says:

    nice collection.

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