The Shark, The Fish, The Chimp, The Dress and The Assassin

Heres a little sketch and a few inks i’ve been working on recently. Still haven’t had a tinker on the computer with them, but I thought people might appreciate some work rough around the edges. So much stuff these days is vectorised to buggery and subsequently, oh so bland! I’m particularly pleased about the Assassin picture at the bottom, another piece to add to the silhouette-noir theme i’ve grown ever so fond of recently. My paint ran dry so I had to use a fineliner for the blood. Some blood courtesy of Artrage should liven that one up.

Fish + Suit = High Grade Satire
Chimp + Hat = Comic Genius

Oh yeah, if you have any suggestions to the monkeys Trucker Hat slogan. The best i got so far is Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy.







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