Nature Photography

Here is a small collection of nature shots, taken around where I live in Southampton. I’m starting to get sick of urban photography, so I thought I’d up something beautiful. Yes urban snaps are cool, and yes the cold bleak decay of Victorian London is wonderfully stark, but jeez is it boring! Take note London snapper types!

Nature can be found anywhere, and it is for this reason I think that photographs of it have been given less prominence in digital cultural media than urban ones. However, with nature photography, it is not what you take a picture of, but how you take it. There is a visual complexity to good nature photography that you just can’t get anywhere else.

These are my attempts to capture that.


3 Responses to “Nature Photography”

  1. wildstorm Says:

    Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ronald Poels Says:

    Nice pictures. The first and the second one are my favorites

  3. Jessica Winder Says:

    What lovely, skillful images. I particularly like the top one – a thistle without the thistledown I think. Your photograph makes the dead flower head look metallic – a brilliant shot.

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