DJ Spooky – Non Stop Mixing

DJ Spooky is one of the hardest working DJ’s in London, maybe even the UK right now. When he’s not spinning on, he’s mixing some of the tightest and well executed Grime, Garage, Bassline and Funky mixes out there. All of which are available for FREE, yes FREE download.

As Slew Dem’s DJ his street credentials are second to none, and just like menopausal women, he always likes it rugged and raw. Woooy. Having downloaded most of his mixes (made available free on I can assure you it is only a matter of time before this guy hosts his own mainstream radio show.

As a relative newbie to the Funky phenomenon, Spooky has been instrumental in me getting to grips with the scene. Living outside of London, and temporarily without an internet connection at home, I find it hard to keep up with the glut of new releases by unknown producers and artists.

Luckily, Spooky’s Tribal Funky Mix and his Funky Grimeline Mix have helped loads!

Keep it up Spooky! Promoters, download his mp3’s and book him ASAP. You’d be stupid not to!

Catch Spooky on Weds 8-10pm and Fri 12pm-3am, at Chockablock 28th Aug @ EGG, Kings Cross, London, and on

Facebook page



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  2. “F*ck The Rest, Now Hear The Best!” « Welcome To The Fold Says:

    […] A new funky mix from Spooky is out, and it’s as heavy as the last one. For those that didn’t check his Tribal Mix (which i have been listening to at least once a week since I got it – no exaggeration) see my blog on it here: […]

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