Breakage & Newham Generals – Hard

Breakage & Newham Generals – Hard (feat. David Rodigan)

I’ve heard this beat a fair bit on the Gens’ radio sets, but now it has been vocalled properly may I say what an absolute stinker this is. Reminiscent of Still Tippin’, the beat is one of the most menacing I’ve heard from this year and will reassure faithful Grime fans that despite a mass exodus to Funky, REAL Grime music is still being made.

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Image courtesy of The Guardian

Riding a Vampish string and bass combo, Double & Foots assure us there’s no-one barring harder and, after listening to this, it’s a no-brainer. Foots even finds room to squeeze in a bar sending for Bearman. I was lucky enough to hear this tune performed live at Rinse, and needless to say it brought the place to its knees.

Let’s hope their new album is reliant on cuts like this, and not scratchy vocal-FX, to appeal to wider audiences because quality speaks for itself. There really is no need for gimmicks where the Newham Generals are concerned!



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