Rinse 15th Birthday @ Matter O2 – Boy Better Know Set

With a full house, packed roster and vibrant sound system there was little chance of Rinse’s 15th Birthday bash @ Matter, O2 being anything less than glorious.

I’m glad to report that Geeneus & Co. didn’t disappoint!

I was there for the live Grime, and despite excellent live performances from Newham Generals and Ms Dynamite, it was Boy Better Know who stole the show with a massively hype performance that, had it not been billed as part of the schedule, would have been declared a threat under the Public Order Act.

With Maximum on deck the beats came thick and fast. Classics such as Xtra and Pulse X positively shattered any semblance of restraint in the audience, and pints soon went airborne. Skepta, Frisco and Shorty emerged first, strutting across the stage with seasoned prowess, before launching into their ‘Are You Ready’ ‘Skengman Mode’ and ‘Too Many Man’ bars respectively.

However, it was Jammer and JME that brought the roof down with explosive, reload-triggering entrances that rivalled those of WWE stars. With all members of BBK on stage (bar Wiley), Matter’s dance floor was soon reduced to little more than a mosh pit, as tunes were wheeled out and quickly wheeled up.

JME’s onstage antics were a definite highlight, as were the Murkleman’s, who spent his time running about, grabbing mics for opportune bars before stage diving spectacularly into the crowd!

In all, BBK were an absolute joy to behold, performing a tight, well timed and well executed set. Shame on you if you missed it, because the atmosphere was perfect and I left the venue buzzing. Luckily for non-attendees, Elijah from Butterz DJ’s filmed it, so watch it here. For those that did reach, remind yourselves:

Rinse 15th Birthday @ Matter, O2 – Boy Better Know Set feat. DJ Maximum, Skepta, Frisco, JME, Jammer and Shorty:

Boy Better Know Live @ Matter

Big up Al, Tunde, James, Elijah and Hij for reaching.



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