DoBeDo Exhibition

This landed in my inbox today, thought I’d share…


31 July-6 August 2009 at Cordy House.
Private View: Thursday 30 July 7.00- 10.00pm

Beatrice Brown, Chardchakaj Waikawee, Isaac Murai- Rolfe, Jack Day, Jenny Endom, Lewis Wright, Matilda Thulin, Matthias H. Risse, Max Fowler, Naima Karlsson, Phoebe Collings-James, Rena Fujimoto, Tom Ryan, Tyrone Lebon

“With the intention of uniting a new generation of emerging artists, ‘Know Your Place’ is the first in a series of group shows. The exhibition will encompass a variety of media such as photography, installation and painting.

To ‘know one’s place’ is an expression that can be traced back to the Middle Ages, which implies to behave suitably for one’s position, rank, or status. Although roles in social hierarchies may have been eroded over time, the implications of authority remain dominant. Striving to challenge preconceived values and counteracting these roles is an underlying current throughout the works in the exhibition.”



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