The ‘Lisa Shaw Appreciation’ Post

Lisa Shaw

A few years back I downloaded a house mix from an urban music forum that I posted on. Having accidentally deleted it and then worked like a devil to try and get it back, it remains one of the nicest house mixes I’ve ever heard; soft, sexy and perfect for the summer or a post-night out chill session. Download it here to see what I’m talking about (right-click, save as):

Mok – ‘These Things Between Us’ MP3

1. Afro-mystik – Rythym Is? (Marques Deep Remix)
2. Lisa Shaw – Always (Lovetronic Vocal)
3. Soul Khula – Musication (The Beard Mix)
4. Andy Caldwell – All I Need (CJ One Remix)
5. Nymphonix – Arms Around You (Andy Caldwell Vox)
6. Soulstice – Fall Into You (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Vocal)
7. Lisha – That’s Why I’m Here (Migs Deluxe Soul vocal)
8. Andy Caldwell – Brand New Day (Ronan’s Electro Kinky Dub)
9. Les Schmitz & Oliver Schmitz feat. Rookstar – Lets Bring It Back (3PM Mix)
10. Fred Everything feat Roy Davis Jr. – Next To Me (Vocal Dub)
11. Oliver Desmet & Chuck Diesel feat. Latrice Barnett – For You
12. Amma – Was It Real? (Andy Caldwell Mix)
13. Andy Caldwell & Jay J feat. Latrice – Give A Little (Andy’s Original Dose)
14. Mei Lwun feat. Gina Rene – Too Late (Original Mix)
15. The Beard feat. Amma – Keep Hoping (Andy Caldwell Remix)

The second track on the mix is by an artist called Lisa Shaw, and that song, Always (Lovetronic Vocal) is what put me on to her as a singer.

This song typifies a beautiful area of house music, one that I have always found completely irresistible. Her voice is wonderfully soft; captivating in its effortless style and elegance. In a time where ‘urban’ music in the mainstream consists mainly of sparse 808 beats, dance routines and young boys and girls singing in Auto-Tuned uniformity, music such as Shaw’s represents the antithesis; grown-up vibes with genuine sex appeal.

For those with Spotify, you can find her 2009 album ‘Free’ here; well worth a listen if this is your thing.


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