Birthday Salutations

We at Threefold Media would like to wish a happy 35th birthday to a very special lady this year. Who could it possibly be? Kate Beckinsale? Penelope Cruz? Close, but no cigar. No, the girl we want to wish a Happy Birthday to is Japan’s very own Hello Kitty.


Introduced to the United States by the Sanrio corporation in 1974, the little white cat with the red ribbon is easily one of popular culture’s most recognisable icons. Adorning everything from pencil cases to clothes, it seems as though Hello Kitty’s merchandising potential and popularity knows no bounds. In fact, a good friend of ours used to carry a Nokia 3310 with a pink Hello Kitty cover, purely for the fact that he found it a great conversation starter with girls…

So there we are. Hello Kitty. Revolutionary in the vinyl toy market, recognised everywhere from Southampton to Sydney, and occasionally even helping people hook up.



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