A Journey Through Fleming Park Fields.

Here I present a mystical journey in pictures. It is a route I travel everyday for work and it is fraught with danger and hazard. Broken bottles litter the pavement. Birds defecate remorselessly and indiscriminately from high up in the canopy. This….Is A Journey Through Fleming Park Fields.

*dun dun duuuunnnn!*

Ahem. These pictures were taken along that route.

What is of particular interest (to me, anyway) is a tunnel that goes under the motorway.

It is part of a pathway that cuts through Fleming Park golf course, and kids from the local schools use it as a general hangout to smoke fags, snog and daub crap graffiti on the walls. It is covered in a charming mural of science relics and spaceships; objects of a typical child’s fascination.

I must have cycled through it 500 times, but only recently have I stopped to read the messages they have left.

It seems little has changed since I went to school. The majority of the graffiti is merely arrogant posturing; the kind anonymous male teenagers excel at. Who is a slag, who isn’t, who would ‘get it’ and who wouldn’t etc. Among all this is a smattering of slang phrases typified by Grime music: ‘Shower Street Hoodlumz’ ‘Poomplex’ ‘Derkhead.’ Obviously, the teenagers’ need to associate themselves with the most rebellious thing they can, lives on!


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