Menswear Runway Shows, S/S ’10


As you may (or probably may not) know, I work in fashion. My company, Mudpie, is a fashion-forecaster that assembles information and images from runway shows, trade fairs, exhibitions, current social/political/economic trends etc, collates them, and puts together predictions for future fashion trends, which you can have access to (for a fee of course!)

This means that I get to see stuff that most people have to be either in the industry or paying through the nose to see, and as the menswear runway season is in full swing, I thought I’d chuck in a few of my favourites. Many people are put off by couture shows, seeing the clothes on offer as ‘unwearable’, and for the most part I agree.

Looking at many avant-garde designers, particularly Japanese designers such as Yohji Yamamoto or Comme des Garcons’ Rei Kawakubo, or even the flamboyant theatrical shows by the likes of John Galliano or Alexander McQueen (check out the Autumn/Winter 09/10 womenswear shows of all these designers to see what I’m talking about) the abstract and symbolic nature of the outfits does little for me.

Luckily, with the notable exception of a few designers, men’s collections don’t really tend to suffer from this. Whereas the female silhouette has gone through many, many guises over the years, from all-encompassing Victorian concealment to 1960’s anti-establishment revelation, the male silhouette remains largely unchanged. Sure, some things have gotten tighter or looser, shorter or longer over the years but the staple pieces such as a shirt, trouser and jacket have always been there, and contemporary fashion is no exception.

While certain pieces are a little ‘fashion-forward’ for some people, on the whole the men’s shows are a great place to get inspiration if you find yourself in something of a sartorial rut. Anyway, without further ado, here’s 3 of my personal favourites:


© D&G

I’ve always been a fan of workwear styling, as seen here at D&G. Loose-fit jeans just the right side of distressed, crumpled brown leather biker jacket and a plain white tee – very Rebel Without A Cause 😉 Single-button blazers were all over this show, as well as a few others, which means they’re something to keep an eye out for. This one features peak lapels and a ticket pocket to add a hint of formality, although that is quickly balanced by the rolled sleeves, contrast trim and ripped jeans. As I mentioned earlier, incredibly simple and wearable, although not too sure how suitable leathers and blazers are for summer weather…

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

© Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein do make a good suit, and this season they’ve come up with some very chic pieces, although whether your tastes allow for pearlescent blue is a different matter entirely! I happen to need a new black suit, amongst other things, and the cut of this first one is definitely a firm choice in my book, and the jacket can be teamed with jeans or even shorts in warm weather for something a little more casual.


© Burberry

What Christopher Bailey was thinking exhibiting trenchcoats in a summer season is anyone’s guess – although he wouldn’t be the only one – but this one is pretty suave so I thought I’d include it. Definitely something for the post-summer months in my book, nothing quite like a nice grown up coat to make you feel special!

Right well hopefully if I see anything else of note I’ll pop it up, my job is changing slightly fairly soon, meaning I’ll be able to bring you info from the high streets of some of the world’s coolest cities, just to keep the inspiration levels at the max. And by cool cities, I don’t mean Burnley.



2 Responses to “Menswear Runway Shows, S/S ’10”

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