Gats and Screams

Here are a few more pieces to wet your beaks!

Firstly, a linework of ‘the man with no name’ that is yet to be completed. I’m at my wit’s end as to what could be in the background:

A man already turning to shoot?
A man walking off into the distance?
A man already lying dead on the floor?

So many possibilities and yet, apathy prevails again.

Carrying on from the silhouette theme, the aim of this ‘Scream’ piece was to imagine how an image would look if it was literally thrown onto the paper. I inked the sketch out, then proceeded to Pollock the little bugger until it looked a bit gritty. To finish it off I threw about anything I could find. Try to imagine the technique utilised by Jackson, but with thought. I finished it off with a few tea stains, watered down red poster paint and some highly masculine mascara.

If you have any suggestions as to what the fudge could be in that western background, the fold would love to here from you. Really we would…



ps. Jackson as in Jackson Pollock, the flinger not the singer.
pps. Before you ask, the answer is no it isn’t mine!



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