Southampton Mayor Shoot – Brian Parnell

This shoot is to form part of a project I am working on called Capturing Southampton. It is a collaborative project between Solent University and Southampton City Council, and involves photographers, website designers, journalists and artists. I photographed Mr Parnell as he was being interviewed by another volunteer, at his Parlour in the Council Building.

His Parlour was as lavish as you would expect, with dark wooden panelling, velvet apholstery and lots of weird and wonderful gifts from visiting dignitaries dotted around his desk and drawers. Due to the darkness in his study, we took a number of shots in his wifes’ parlour, which had a much breezier and elegant feel.

Mr Parnell was quite comfortable in front of the camera, although he seemed a little weary. Perhaps it was the hot weather, or that he was about to give up his Mayoral tenure the week after this shoot took place, and was feeling reflective.

I believe these pictures capture that mood well.

Many thanks to Mr Parnell for letting me photograph.

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