Steven Arens and the Amazing World of HDR

During one of my many sessions of image sourcing at work, I happened to stumble across the work of Steven Arens, a photographer who has done some very interesting things with HDR and photo-manipulation. For the unenlightened, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a discipline of photography that combines several pictures that are identical in content but have different Exposure Value settings.

This has a dramatic effect on the luminance of each element in the photo, be it shadow, midtone or highlight, and creates a stunning overall result that almost alludes to CGI. HDR is particularly effective when photographing machines, as it really adds to the ‘hot metal’ factor as you can see in the following images, which to my mind wouldn’t look out of place in Sin City. Frank Miller would be proud!

All images are © Steven Arens 2009.

Steven Arens 1

Steven Arens 2

Steven Arens 3

Steven Arens 4

I would highly recommend visiting Steven’s Flickr page, absolutely stunning work. Keep ’em peeled (hopefully) for some HDR work of our own in the near future! Alternatively, for any photographers who want to give this technique a shot, click here for a detailed tutorial on how it’s done.


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